My perfect hero is…

I love the Contemporary Romance Café theme for September, because I get to introduce the hero of my latest book! So, ladies—and maybe a few brave gentlemen—I give to you Aiodhan Reil.

As his strange name suggests, Aiodhan is…different. He’s tall and muscular. He’s loyal and champions those in need of his protection. He’s got a good heart and loves fiercely. Not so very unusual, right? Ah, but he is…

Aiodhan isn’t human.

He looks human. In fact, inside my imagination, he looks like this:



Kara Michaels, the heroine of Aiodhan’s book—my September 29th release The Seeker—even assumes he’s human. After all, the species that has conquered our planet in Kara’s world look like enormous lizards. When a tall, dark, handsome man comes to rescue her from being hauled into one of the internment camps where the conquering Vymalns have turned humans into slave labor, she’s grateful—and more than a little attracted to him.

Bouter4ut we all know what happens when a person assumes…

Aiodhan is Tirian, a race of humanoids whose destiny is predicted by two pre-cognizant children called Praemons. In his world, the Praemons launch attacks against anyone or anything that is a future danger to Tirios. Their enforcers are an elite group of warriors known as Seekers. Think of them as intergalactic Navy Seals. Aiodhan is one of the best Seekers, and he’s been sent to Earth on a mission—to assassinate a Vymaln who the Praemons predict could bring about the ultimate destruction of Tirios.

Of all the books I’ve written, The Seeker is one of my favorites. I won’t make a statement like that often. It’s too much like asking me which of my kids is my favorite. But I will say it for The Seeker, because writing it was so damn fun! Creating my own view of a conquered Earth was such a treat, and to be able to craft my idea hero without the limitations of humanity was this writer’s dream come true.

So Aiodhan was born.

My perfect hero.


hey-cancer-fuck-youFor those of you who have been kind enough to ask, I have a short update on Jeff’s cancer journey. As of this writing, he faces one more surgery to remove a cancerous lymph node that wasn’t destroyed by chemotherapy. He’s weak after nearly six months of chemo, but he grows a little stronger every day. The surgery date will be soon, and I ask for your continued prayers. All of the support has been humbling, and we both greatly appreciate the outpouring of good thoughts, messages, and prayers.


The Seeker—coming Sept. 29th!

Throughout the horrifying months since the alien Vymalns conquered Earth, Kara Michaels has managed to elude capture.
Until now.

She is about to lose hope when she is rescued by Seeker Aiodhan Reil, an elite warrior of Tirios sent to Earth by the Praemons, precognizant children who can predict which Vymalns will threaten their homeworld.

Although intimidated by his strength, Kara is drawn to Aiodhan’s air of mystery. Upon discovering that he is also an alien, she fears that his race will pose an additional threat to Earth’s freedom.

Aiodan’s mission doesn’t include falling in love with a human female or liberating her father from an internment camp. He must find a way to keep his vows and still protect Kara, just as she must put aside her hatred of aliens to allow Aiodhan into her heart. Only then can they work together to rescue humankind from cruel enslavement.

The Seeker is available for the pre-order price of only $2.99!

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