Ohh, Look! Something Shiny!

Writing is my job.

Sure, I have to do things like business planning (which I really need to get to), and admin stuff (see last statement) and social media reach out (heh, no problem there), but when it comes down to it, I could, theoretically, let everything else slide except for writing. No books = no contracts = no moolah. Ergo, writing books is good!

So then why do I find ALL THE PRETTY SHINY THINGS to distract me from it?

I’m generally not an ADD person. I’ve been blessed with focus, for the most part, but when I sit down and stare at that blank doc in Scrivener, suddenly everything I’ve ever thought of possibly doing comes slamming into my brain, and if I don’t do it right this very second! the world will cease to exist as we know it.

With that, I give you my Top 5 Writerly Distractions:

Wordle_-_Create1. Twitter
I’m not much a fan of FB. In fact, if I never had to use it again, I’d be perfectly content with that. But Twitter. Oh, Twitter. I want to stick it in my pocket and carry it around with me all day. Oh, wait. I totally do do that. This isn’t anything I’m getting rid of anytime soon. I loved it long before I was an author. All my friends live in there! It’s great for connecting with readers and other authors, and just people in general. Because writing is so solitary, it’s nice to know there’s someone out there to talk to whenever you need it. And, hey, when I am writing and need a name of a creepy dude, Twitter comes through. Every. Time.

2. E-mail
I don’t even like checking e-mail, yet I do it religiously when I’m trying to write. Am I waiting for an important message? A particularly pressing issue to tend to? Nope. But I’m refreshing that bad boy like I’m in the query trenches with three dozen fulls out, just waiting for that yes from an agent.

3. The Internet
This is a catch-all, because Firefox sucks me in faster than no other. I’m checking my e-mail, then I quick jump to Pandora to change the station, and the next thing I know, I’m looking at boots on DSW because I DO WHAT I WANT.

4. A messy house
This may not be the same for everyone, but for me, a cluttered space equals a cluttered mind. I get itchy when I look up from my computer and see junk everywhere. I want it gone gone gone, and there’s no better time to do a quick clean than when I have a book to write, yes?

5. Reading
I read on my phone a lot. I also have my phone with me every second of the day most of the time. As such, I sneak reads of whatever book I’m currently knee-deep in and inhale it. Sneak it like my boss is gonna jump around the corner and catch me. Or stop me. (pfft, as if she could do that)

What about you? What’s your top writing distraction? And have you figured out a way to get it under control?


Ohh, Look! Something Shiny! — 6 Comments

  1. Oh, you have totally expressed my thoughts about Twitter! Cannot. Stay. Away. And email–same here, my hand just keeps hitting my Apple Mail icon when I’m writing, whenever I pause to think. Terrible habit. It’s just so shiiinnnyyyy…..

  2. Substitute Facebook for Twitter and this matches my list of shiny, pretty things that I find distracting. I’ve had to force myself to close my email accounts and only check them a couple of times per day while I’m working.

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