October Contemporary Romance Recommendations by Jennifer Porter from Romance Novel News

This month’s contemporary romance recommendations are courtesy of Jennifer Porter from Romance Novel News. If you like your romances scorching hot, you’ll love this month’s ultra steamy recommendations.

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Do you need some contemporary romance recommendations? Here are some of my favorites from the past several weeks. I hope you all enjoy!

The Christmas He Loved Her by Juliana Stone

The Christmas He Loved Her by Juliana Stone

If you enjoy holiday romances and stories filled with emotional angst, this one will fit the bill. Raine Edwards is grieving not only for her dead husband Jesse, but also for his fraternal twin brother Jake, who took off for parts unknown after his brother’s death. Over a year later, he returns knowing that he has much to make up for. His father has been ill, and Raine is barely surviving. Of course, Jake has his own issues. He was there on the battlefield when Jesse died and believes that he could have done something to prevent his brother’s death.

There is so much guilt, devastation, grief and pain in this story. Jake feels guilt over Jessie’s death, but he also feels guilty because he loves Raine. Jake and Raine turned to each other shortly after Jesse’s death, and ultimately, this is what caused Jake to run. He is now determined to try to make up for the pain he has caused, although he has no idea how to do so. Raine loves Jake as well, but is confused about her feelings and how they differ from what she felt for Jesse.

There are big misunderstandings galore especially surround Lily, the woman that Jake invited home for Thanksgiving. Raine believes that Jake and Lily are a couple and is extremely jealous. Meanwhile, Jake is hesitant to explain things to Raine because he doesn’t want to reveal the grisly details of Jesse’s death. Often times such misunderstandings can drive me batty, but they worked well in this romance. Beware that this one may make you reach for the chocolate and the tissues. But, the angst, the tears and the heartache are all worth it in the end.

Unbound by Cara McKenna


When Merry journeys to Scotland to try and find herself during a three-week hike, she ends up in the arms of Rob, a surly hermit who isn’t so keen on interacting with the outside world. Merry is like a breath of fresh air. She breaks through Rob’s formidable defenses and makes him start to feel again.

When the sparks fly between the two, Merry makes some shy advances. But sex is a bit of an issue because Rob has some particular sexual kinks that haven’t always been well received. Merry is intrigued though and is willing to try. She succeeds and ends up rocking Rob’s world.

Once Merry and Rob discover that they are quite compatible sexually, they must deal with the outside world. Rob is a recovering alcoholic and has been hiding himself away from temptation. He hasn’t dealt with his past actions which are not pretty. While Merry offers him hope, Rob has a tough road to travel. Meanwhile, Merry lives on a different continent and is struggling with her own body image issues stemming from year of being overweight.

Unbound (out on October 15) is a romance with lots of heart, even if that heart is very, very bruised. McKenna tells an unforgettable story. It is filled with dark passion, kink and serious angst.

High Passion by Vivian Arend

High Passion by VivianArend

Vivian Arend’s Adrenaline Search and Rescue books feature a group of men and women who perform death-defying feats to rescue people in the Canadian wilderness. Devon and Alisha have known each other for years, having done their training together. Wary of Devon’s playboy reputation, Alisha has always kept him at arm’s length. However, Devon has been biding his time and is ready to make his move.

An incident on the job gives Devon the opportunity to get closer to Alisha. Then, some weird and creepy things start happening to Alisha after a man from her past arrives. Devon is determined to help and determined to get Alisha to open up to him. Alisha is skittish, but can’t deny the intensity of the sexual chemistry that exists between them.

One of my favorite things about this book is Devon’s determination to win Alisha. Everyone sees Devon as a light-hearted, easy going guy. However, there is much more to him than meets the eye. He has a wonderfully romantic side, as well as a fiercely protective one (and the protective one gets him into some serious trouble).

High Passion is an intense ride, one that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Forbidden Obsessions by Jodie Griffin

Forbidden Obsessions

When I started reading Jodie Griffin’s Bondage & Breakfast books, I fell in love with Master Gabe – and couldn’t wait for his story. I had high expectations for Forbidden Obsessions and admit to feeling some trepidation when I read a very early copy of it. However, Griffin brought Gabe to life almost perfectly.

Gabe is rebuilding his B&B after a fire. Liv is recovering from an injury related to her work as a firefighter. She ends up staying with Gabe and finds herself curious about Gabe’s BDSM lifestyle. Outwardly, Liv doesn’t seem to be submissive, but she responds to Gabe’s dominance.

Liv does struggle with submission. She is an independent, strong woman who bristles when Gabe tries to interfere with her physical therapy and rehab. But Gabe is a strict Dom who has every intention of pushing Liv hard. This makes the sex sizzle even as the two butt heads on more than one occasion.

Forbidden Obsessions is a sizzler. The romance sparkles and the story delights. Don’t miss this one.

Jennifer Porter, Romance Novel NewsAll four of these are fantastic contemporary romances.

Jennifer Porter reviews many types of romances at Romance Novel News, but seems to focus mostly on erotic romance (http://www.romancenovelnews.com). She loves to discuss books on Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/JenniferRNN) when she isn’t reading.

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