My Readers Are Not Stupid

In case you skimmed the title, let me repeat it: my readers are not stupid. I respect them. I have always respected them. And now that I’ve spent the past month at three conventions meeting them face-to-face, I respect them even more. (Oh, and I <3 them, too. Big hugs to all my wonderful readers!)

Why am I compelled to announce this to the world? Because of the worst writing advice I ever received. To be clear, if I disagree with advice, I ignore it and/or promptly forget it. There’s no angst, no second-guessing (right or wrong, my ego is too big for that stuff). And yet I remember this occurrence with the clarity of an HD plasma screen television.

$$$Somebody once told me to ditch the ten dollar words and use ten cent words instead. Yeah, I’ll pause a moment so you can all gasp. I do not now, and will not ever, write DOWN to people. I have far too much respect for my readers than that. They are smart women who deserve to be treated as such.

For the record, I don’t write stuffy, scholarly treatises full of words that need to be sounded out. I don’t say masticate instead of chew. I don’t say perambulate instead of walk. I write rom-com, for crying out loud. Are there multi-syllabic words? Sure. Is there a chance a few of them might not be recognizable to someone? Slim, but yes. And if so, go look ’em up. I say that with no reservation, utterly unapologetically. We’re never too old to learn.

I ignored that advice. I also ignored the urge to fly into a heated rage over the implied insult to my readers’ intelligence. It would’ve been pointless. All I could do was keep writing the way I always have-with a nod of respect for all my smart readers.


My Readers Are Not Stupid — 5 Comments

  1. I’m so glad you ignored that advice and for what it’s worth Christi, we love you too. I was so happy to meet you last week and see your very bubbly self in real life. After meeting you I realized that your personality shines through so much in your books! Take care and sign me up for being an adoring fan who appreciates $10 words!

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