My Office Can Be Anywhere….

979905_10151526863237880_715454281_oI think you guys deserve fun pictures. Here’s a secret – I write on vacation. Yes, I know I’m supposed to destress and get away from my job, but I LOVE writing on vacation. My mind is clear of all the daily clutter and I’m able to pound the words out like crazy. So last summer when we spent an idyllic week on Lake George, I sat on this amazing porch and worked. If I was fabulously wealth, I would be one of those authors who disappears to a retreat for a month and knocks out an entire book.


Of course, I also have written in very unglamorous, dare I say sterile hotel rooms at conferences using a pillow on my lap as a desk. Or at a writing retreat at the beach (see decidedly unglam photo of myself and Laura Kaye, tapping in unison at our keyboards) just plopped on a sofa. Would there have been a beautiful beach view if we’d turned our chairs around? Yup. But we were sprinting, so all that mattered was getting the words out as fast as possible.


Back to the glamorous life. One of my favorite resorts is the Homestead in Virginia. This beautiful solarium is also a library, replete with desks where presidents used to write. When my husband golfs, I set up there for an afternoon and get ridiculously busy. And then it is an easy transition to one of the chaise lounges to read a book as reward for said productivity. P1000030

One of my most prolific spots is the beach. We spend a week every summer in Ocean City, MD. I sit on the beach all day reading (under a tee shirt, hat and full umbrella), enjoy cocktail hour and dinner, and then I head out to the deck. Isn’t it adorable? What you can’t see is that one building away is the beach. I can hear the waves crashing. Thick, humid darkness with a cool ocean breeze, waves and my words tumbling onto the page. It is heaven.

Copy of 20140507_073610For a long time, I wrote on my couch. Mostly so I could also watch TV, but I justified it by the fact that I have a bad neck and needed better support than an office chair. And that my official office was freezing cold 7 months out of the year. It meant shutting my husband away from the big TV, so I felt a smattering of guilt about it (not enough to change my habit for 5 years, though). Now that we just built a new house, I sort of have no excuse not to use my office. It is organized and pretty – and will be vastly more ergonomically correct once I buy another keyboard…but we’ve got to sell our old house first. :( You know what I’m doing next week? Taking the train to New Orleans for RT. Know what I’ll be doing in my cramped seat? You guessed it…..


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  1. I did a little writing while at the beach a month or so ago. It was wonderful. I’m with you. I’d love to be able to take a writing retreat a few times a year and knock out a book. In the meantime, I need to write anywhere, as long as I’m writing.

    I’m visiting friends in Houston next month and I’d considered taking the train to get some writing done. But it’s more than a 24-hour trip and there were no sleepers available. Had a feeling I’d spend the whole trip sitting next to a crying baby or someone talking on their cell phone loudly. Still, I’d love to know how the train trip works out for you.

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