Too Much Inspiration

IdeasI have a folder on my Dropbox drive called ‘Ideas’ and it’s full of all those plot bunnies that strike (usually in the middle of the current WIP) when I just don’t have the time to devote to a new idea.

Because like most writers, I have an abundance of inspiration.

My inspiration comes from books I read (which usually I didn’t like), people watching (wherein I make up my own stories about the people I see) or when I see a submission call for a publisher I’m stalking and the ideas start rolling.

But getting back to my ideas folder, it’s full of a hodgepodge of things. A few WIPs that never made it further than a handful of chapters (back before I realized that I needed to FINISH a story!) There are a few subfolders devoted to some paranormal ideas I had (complete with plotting spreadsheets!) but then I found that I didn’t really have a paranormal voice.

And then of course there are a few subfolders—at least three—that I can’t wait to get my hands on. Story ideas that are so good that I want to write on them now! Of course by the time I get around to them, I’ll probably have twice as many ideas waiting for me in there 😉

Do you have a way to organize all those evil plot bunnies? Rotten little multiplying things!


Too Much Inspiration — 2 Comments

  1. My ideas folder is very old school. It’s a section in a binder filled with loose-leaf paper. When a plot bunny strikes, I write down the ideas in my messy handwriting. I’ve also got a folder in Dropbox called Works in Progress, but I usually reserve that space for more fleshed out ideas that actually have a hope of one day becoming a novel!

  2. I like that you keep all your plot bunnies neatly organized. Now that I used EverNote I’m better at doing that. Before I would just jot them down in random places. We’re moving now and I was forced to go through and even…gulp…throw away some of my collection of used notebooks. I discovered lots of little nuggets. Now I have a permanent, easily-searchable way to store them. 😉

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