Meeting my characters–sometimes they surprise me too

Some of my characters walk into my head fully-formed. Sam Watson from my Hauberk Protection series was one of those – he was a larger than life character who darned near took over in Private Property, where he was supposed to be a secondary character.

TEXASTANGLE_newDillon Barnett from Texas Tangle was the same – he was a golden boy, confident, everything always went his way, he had a large, loving, supportive family and he was always happy. In the original version of that story, his best friend Brett Anderson was supposed to only be in one scene, but unlike Dillon, Brett hung in the shadows. He was reticent, wounded, and something about him made me want to know more about him. It took some coaxing to figure out his story. What was supposed to be a novella burgeoned into a full-length story. but by the time I was finished I loved Brett even more than Dillon. And I loved Dillon. But maybe that’s because I’ve always had a thing for the wounded hero. 

Then there are the characters who no matter how many character charts I do, how many questionnaires I answer from their POV, just don’t want to open up to me. They’re stubborn. Yes, yes, I know I’m the writer and I am supposed to keep them in line by delivering a swift kick in their butt but it doesn’t always work that way for me. And sometimes the characters are just so…complicated, that it’s hard to do them justice. (I’ve always been one to overcomplicate plots.)

And a couple characters I’ve written, I knew I didn’t do justice to. In one of my latest works-in-progress, I’ve taken a couple I introduced in a short story back in 2012 and am reworking them. They bear little resemblance to their original story – instead of being married, they’re now single and just starting to date. Max Moretti is similar to Dillon – he’s gregarious and has a big supportive family, but, unlike Dillon, he has his dark side too. And Noah McNaughton, who was born with a proverbial silver spoon, has realized that his father is more in love with his bank account than he is with his children. Yup, there’s another wounded character. And they’re both in love with house flipper Hayley O’Connell. As well as each other.

Yup, a complicated plot for what used to be a short story and is becoming a novella.

HHHea_200x300Look for UNASHAMED, part of the Hunks, Hammers and Happily-Ever-Afters bundle coming out November 3, 2015.

Contractor Max Moretti knows that once he turns over the keys on his latest project, he and his business partner Noah McNaughton will have to say goodbye to shy but sexy house flipper, Hayley O’Connell. Something neither he nor Noah are ready for.  When Max overhears Hayley discussing a ménage fantasy, Max wonders if she’s the woman they’ve always wanted. With Noah’s help, Max constructs a plan to find out if Hayley is their Miss Right or just Miss Right Now…

Being sandwiched between the two sexy construction workers introduces Hayley to pleasure she’d never known before, but watching the two men care for each other quickly becomes an addiction. An addiction that both intrigues and overwhelms her.

One passion-filled night turns into two, and Max and Noah find themselves faced with a bigger challenge than revealing their sexy secrets to Hayley—convincing her that forever is better with three.

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  1. My characters often surprise me too. In my current WIP, my hero Cameron turned out to be far more wounded than I ever imagined. I did character sketches and some pre-writing, but it wasn’t until I actually started writing the story for real that I realized he had issues I’d never even considered before. That often happens to me. It’s like a switch is turned on. Good luck with the new novella Leah!

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