Maybe You’re Looking in the Wrong Places

As writers, we can pretty much find inspiration anywhere. And we do. In any one of my books, something has inspired me to write it. A song lyric? Yep. An overheard conversation between a couple at a coffee shop? Uh huh. The look of interest from one random stranger to another on a crowded subway? Sure.

caged_revise_200x300In PLUS ONE, I was inspired by a single word prompt: secret (crush harbored for years, in that case). In SEASON OF SECOND CHANCES, it was a picture of a hot bearded guy who was, in my mind, a single dad. In CAGED IN WINTER, it was a song with the most beautiful, heartbreaking lyrics.

You see? I wasn’t lying. Inspiration comes from everywhere.

That’s part of the reason I love Twitter so much. You’re instantly connected with a plethora of people in all walks of life, all over the country, all at different stages with different likes/dislikes/interests. It’s like continually eavesdropping on conversations, except less creepy (this is what I’m telling myself. Just go with it). I have 250+ favorites over there, and while some of them are educational tidbits I don’t want to forget, some are funny or cute or designed to make my day brighter, lots are snippets that have inspired me in some way. Maybe a picture. Maybe a link to an article or a missed connections ad. Maybe a real life meet-cute. Anytime I see one of these things that pings in my mind with a light bulb moment and a voice whispering, “Hey…that’d make a great story someday,” I favorite it. And the best part of favoriting these things? I don’t even have to write down the story ideas, because, generally, when I see the item that sparked the original inspiration, I’m reminded of exactly what I thought the first time.

It’s amazing to me how something as in depth as a full length novel can grow from something as simple as a single word or a single picture or a single quote. But it does. All the time.

One of the most frequently asked questions I get as a writer is, where do you get your inspiration from? How can you possibly write a whole book? Then they go on to tell me they wouldn’t even know where to start.

My answer to them is always: maybe you’re looking in the wrong places.


Maybe You’re Looking in the Wrong Places — 4 Comments

  1. It was great to see the inspiration behind your books, Brighton. I particularly loved how simple that inspiration could be at first, like one word: secret. The fun is in fleshing that idea out and breathing life into it. Music often inspires me. Sometimes the song title alone is enough to send the imagination running wild.

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