Marie Force: A writer I admire

I went to bed thinking about all the wonderful authors I admire. The list is immense and populated with heavy-hitting classic authors like Jane Austen, John Steinbeck, Virginia Woolf, and Ernest Hemingway. I love their books. Passionately.

But they did not appear in my dreams last night. I lay awake pondering current authors who inspire me to keep reading and keep writing. That list is so long it finally put me to sleep. When my brain finally asserted itself in my slumber, it displayed a full color dream in which Marie Force came to a garden party in my backyard and told me to KEEP GOING. Keep writing. Be persistent.

I already knew Marie could keep me reading. Start any one of her books and you’ll know why. But keep writing? Absolutely. Marie Force and I have never met, but her words via blogs, tweets, and her amazing website keep me chasing my dream of writing success. Want encouragement to overcome rejection? How about an inspiring story of being able to send your children to whatever college they want to attend–fueled by very successful book sales. Check out her website and it will keep your butt in your writing chair.

Although Marie Force and I have never met, we do share an amusing story. While she was waiting for “the call,” she noticed a fishing boat named “Perseverance” tied to a pier and it inspired her to keep up the faith (see her story here). Less than an hour after I sent my completed manuscript for Her Lucky Catch to Carina–a book that features a main character nicknamed Sunshine–I headed for the grocery store for the weekly chore. All the way there, I followed a boat on a trailer. The boat’s name painted across the transom? Sunshine. I believe in signs, and I think the universe wants all of us to attain success.

Nothing is more beautiful than human beings encouraging others to follow their hearts. You may not hear this every day, Marie, but your success encourages me. Thank you.


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