So Many Books, So Many Ways to Read

I often find myself reading a book on my ereader, listening to an audio book on my MP3 player, and indulging in a good, old-fashioned print book, all at the same time. I love each form of reading, and each definitely has a time and a place.

thedimpleofdoom_cover_books-pageMy ereader is fabulous for travelling. I can download several books and never run out of reading material while on vacation. As a bonus I can increase the font to make it easier on my very near-sighted eyes. And nobody ever needs to know what I’m reading. At the moment I’m reading The Dimple of Doom by Lucy Woodhull on my ereader. I’m only on chapter one, and I’ve already laughed myself silly.

Since I started listening to audio books, the number of books I’ve been able to ‘read’ has substantially increased. I can listen to them while I’m driving, when I’m at the gym, when I’m doing housework or weeding in the garden. I get most of my books from the library, and my husband has a subscription to Audible that I sometimes get books from. Right now I’ve got a Linda Howard book queued up and ready to go. Shadow Woman will be accompanying me on mundane tasks around the house for the next little while.

No matter how many devices I own, I still feel there’s something special about print books. The smell of the paper, the weight of the book in my hand, all feel familiar and comforting. So I was thrilled when on a recent trip to visit my niece, we did a little book exchange and she loaned me the books she had in Fool’s Gold series by Susan Mallery. I’m going to begin by reading “Finding Perfect”. Can’t wait!

As a writer, my reading wouldn’t be complete without tackling books on marketing and the craft of writing. Last month I talked about reading Stephen King’s On Writing. This month I’m reading Guy Kawaski’s APE: Author, Publisher, Enterpreneur about self-publishing and marketing. This book happens to be on my laptop. Seems there’s no end to the way a person can read these days!

What are you currently reading? Do you read strictly for pleasure and escape, or do you throw a little self-help, non-fiction or biography into the mix?

Birthday Celebration Banner FINALSpeaking of reading and books, I’m holding an event on my blog today that I call Jana’s Birthday Book Giveaway. Today is my birthday and I’m giving away gifts of ebooks! Several of my author friends have generously donated copies of their ebooks to give away, and of course I’m giving away copies of my own ebooks. Over 30 ebooks, in numerous romance genres, lengths and heat levels, are up for grabs. For your chance to win, just enter the Rafflecopter draw. Easy peasy! So join me in celebrating my birthday today (I’m not saying which one!) and come on down to my blog! Happy Birthday to me!


So Many Books, So Many Ways to Read — 3 Comments

  1. Hi, Jana. I read simply for pleasure anymore, though occasionally a biography or autobiography will draw me in. When I worked and spent over an hour a day in the car, audio-books were a real favorite. In truth, though, the more I write, the less I read–I guess it’s the price of writing.

  2. It’s hard to find the time. Of the books above I’ve only finished the Susan Mallery book, “Finding Perfect”. I have also started a new book by my friend Karyn Good (featured on yesterday’s post). It’s on my ereader. But it’s important to make the time, and that’s what I’m trying to do. My ereader and audio books help with that.

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