Make Mine A Dom

It’s probably easy to figure out I have a thing for dominant men in my books – the ones I read, and the ones I write.

I’m especially fond of two of Joey Hill’s characters, Tyler Winterman and Mac Nighthorse. In their non-sexual roles in the world, both are take-charge alpha men. But when it comes to their sex lives, Tyler is a Dom through and through, and Mac? He’s a sub to Mistress Violet.  Doesn’t take away from his alpha male status, though, not one single bit.

I’ve read stories with Doms who play lightly to stories with Doms who play so close to their sub’s edges it makes me uncomfortable, though I prefer my Doms somewhere in the middle of the road. The good news is, if you like dominant men, you can find plenty of reading material these days that runs the gamut. And if you’re not into BDSM, some of those men aren’t Doms.  Debra Kayn and Kristen Ashely write men who are alpha, but not Doms.

In my own stories, I write mainly Doms, but I did make Marcus from Forbidden Desires a switch. He occasionally has the urge to dominate his partner Bella, but mostly, he likes to give up control to her.  He was a fun character to write, a guy just coming to terms with his need to submit, to give himself over to another person so she can lead him to pleasure. He likes it because he has a high stress job where he’s making life and death decisions, but he hates it because he thinks it’s wrong.  It takes Bella to make him see he can just let go and be who he really is.

Coming up in September, Gabe McConnell, the owner of Bondage & Breakfast—the kinky B&B that runs through all my Forbidden stories—gets his own book and his own heroine (Olivia from Forbidden Desires, if you’re wondering!) He’s a Dom with the heart of a marshmallow, and though he knows exactly what he wants in a woman, when he finds the woman he wants, he’s not sure she can handle it.

I don’t have a cover yet for Forbidden Obsessions, but here’s the back cover copy:

Bondage& Breakfast was a safe place for couples to explore BDSM—until an arsonist almost destroyed it. While the Inn is closed for repairs, owner Gabe McConnell allows injured firefighter Olivia Watterson to stay and recover as a favor to a mutual friend. His attraction to her is unexpected and intense—but there’s no way she’s strong enough for the type of play he demands from a sub.

When she arrives at the inn, Liv is shocked—and intrigued. Her unanticipated obsession with the sexy, skilled Dom makes her all the more impatient with her slow recuperation. But even more frustrating is the way Gabe handles her like fragile glass, and she’s determined to prove she’s anything but by pushing her body to the limit.

Holding back should be easy for Gabe, but the more Liv challenges his limits, the more he craves her, body, mind and heart…

For a chance to win an ePub copy of Forbidden Fires, leave a comment about your favorite alpha character (or why you don’t care for them, if you don’t like alpha heroes!)  I’ll choose one commenter at random on Saturday, June 15th.

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Make Mine A Dom — 12 Comments

  1. I like some of the BDSM stories I’ve read but the more I read the more I come across aspects I feel uncomfortable with. For instance situations where the Dom orders his sub to be with another man (even when she wants it). I do like a Dom/Sub story where they are totally faithful to each other.

    • Hi Fiona! Everyone has their own limits when it comes to BDSM, and you know, that’s okay. As the saying goes, YKINMK –your kink is not my kink. I will say that my upcoming holiday novella deals with a Dom who very specifically calls out monogamy. :)

  2. Ooooh, gimme some of that hot Alpha action! *swoon* I think my favorite type of Alpha is one who doesn’t consciously think about his dominant status; he simply IS an Alpha male.

    Question: Is your holiday novella part of the “Forbidden” series, or no?

    • Hey, Stacy. Nope, my holiday novella is stand-alone. Forbidden Obsessions, out in September, finishes up the Forbidden series…or does it? 😉 The plan is yes, that’s the end, but you never know, do you!

      And I don’t think you’re alone in your alpha-guy-who-isn’t-a-Dom liking. Have you read Debra Kayn’s books? Her heroes are like that!

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