Maggie’s ragged road map

My road to publication started with a love affair. Not the love affair with my husband; that started a few years before.  It wasn’t even my lifelong love of reading romance novels, though I admit to being one of those “One day I will write a book,” people. This love affair was fictional. It took place on a television show. And unbeknownst to the stars, their slow-simmering passion reignited my long dormant desire to write.


I started down the road to publication with a two-thousand word piece of fan fiction. Two years later, I participated in my first National Novel Writing Month challenge and won.


Of course, I made every single mistake a first-time novelist makes. I hadn’t spent enough time learning my craft. I knew next to nothing about goals, motivation and conflict, I only wanted to tell a story. I sent it out to everyone and their mother, and though a few gave a more than a passing glance, they all passed.

Then, I found my local RWA chapter, sat down, shut up, and took the time to learn the business. Though it hurt, I set that first book aside and started on book number two. And guess what? That one sold!


Since then, I have published six novels, fourteen novellas, and fifteen short stories (under two pen names) and every day I learn something new. It hasn’t been an easy road. There have been a couple times when I’ve been tempted to jump track. But then there are those thrilling moments when a publisher or editor says, “Yes!”, or new cover art lands in my inbox. And trust me when I say nothing makes an author’s day better than a little note from a reader saying how much they enjoyed one of my stories.


The road to publication can be bumpy, but it has been a wild ride and I am in it for the long haul!

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  1. My publication journey is similar to yours in that I didn’t get anywhere until I really buckled down and started to learn my craft and the business of writing. Congratulations on all your success!

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