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The Talon of the Hawk





Asking me to post about a favorite TV character sends me into a bit of a spin. I simply don’t watch much TV. The man and I made a deliberate choice nearly twenty years ago to get rid of cable. We stopped watching pretty much all TV shows for a long time and rented movies instead. With the advent of Netflix and streaming services, we’ve been able to catch up on some shows. Mainly the ones that get talked up in my Twitter feed. For the most part, though, the man cares more than I do, so he picks what we watch – either one movie or two episodes of a show or series each night. A lot of times I’m reading or working on something while we watch, also.

The one show that I really like and the man puts up with for my sake is Castle.

Yes, I love the show partly because Castle is a writer and the little jokes about that amuse me. I really love how many of the major authoritative and tech roles – like the police captain and head crime scene investigator – are played by confident women. I like the witty dialogue and the romance-lover in me loves the long, slow build of the romance between Richard Castle and homicide Detective Kate Beckett, played by Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic. But where it seems my Twitter feed is largely over the moon for Nathan Fillion?

I just love Kate Beckett.

And part of the reason the man doesn’t love the show is because he doesn’t like her. I’m not sure he knows how much I do. It’s not worth arguing about, though it privately amuses me that he often picks on heroines like her – prickly ones, driven ones, the ones who take control of situations and aren’t always kind to the heroes. Part of the reason it amuses me that he doesn’t like this kind of woman in shows is that I’m this kind of woman in real life. And I know he likes me – not in spite of that, but because of it. Plenty of men have not liked that about me, so it was a real joy to find this man who does.

So I don’t say anything when he gripes about Beckett being prickly or difficult.

I enjoy that she is. In thinking of who I’d pick for this month’s theme – and being in the midst of Netflixing Season 6 of Castle – I realized how much Kate Beckett is like Ursula, the heroine of my third Twelve Kingdoms book, The Talon of the Hawk. Both have taken up the task of the warrior, in their respective worlds. Both have a strong sense of responsibility and a toughness that comes partly from being a woman in a traditionally male role and from protecting their inner pain. I think one of the things I really enjoy about the relationship between Beckett and Castle is how he sees through her bravado and becomes a person she can trust. And she learns to love his playful nature, something she’s had little of in her life.

There might be a similar dynamic in The Talon of the Hawk. :-)

Give me a prickly heroine every time!


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  2. How interesting, Jeffe. Do we subconsciously (or not so subconsciously) write characters, especially heroines, that most resemble ourselves? I know I write a lot of heroines who are kind of shy and struggle with self-confidence, and self-image. I think it’s time for me to write a truly kick-ass heroine!

  3. Jeffe, you know I love those prickly, difficult heroines. Though I know they walk a fine line with some readers. Hubby and I are huge fans of Castle. I do love Richard Castle. Partly because he’s a writer, too. Mostly because he’s freaking funny and adorable: “I don’t believe in coincidences…That was one hell of a coincidence.” But I’ve also always been a big fan of Kate Beckett. She’s strong, confident and driven, yet the writers have helped us understand why. We’ve watched her struggle through the realization of her feelings for Castle. I’m also super impressed that after the long, slow burn, the writers have found a way to keep the show fresh and interesting, even after the characters got together.

    • I agree, Reese! I’ve love watching Kate deal with her feelings for Castle and come to terms with accepting love. I am also so impressed with how they navigated that sexual tension to real relationship transition!

  4. I don’t watch it, though I think I’m going to have to just because of what other writers say about it. I’m like Jana, I think. My heroines pretty much just are–they’re never the ass-kickers, but they’ll hold your coat and guard the perimeter while you’re doing the kicking.

    Loved your post, Jeffe–I always do!

  5. “he often picks on heroines like her – prickly ones, driven ones, the ones who take control of situations and aren’t always kind to the heroes.”

    LOL, As I read that, I thought, but this is Jeffe. Then I read this.

    “Part of the reason it amuses me that he doesn’t like this kind of woman in shows is that I’m this kind of woman in real life.”

    Okay, so you’re not clueless. But the man might be? 😉

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