At a Loss

I’m at a loss. Typically, blog posts are fairly easy for me. But this month’s theme, writer crushes, just didn’t do it. Not that I don’t have writer crushes. I do. But I’ve talked about them several times at the Café, and I wasn’t in the mood to go there again. I considered talking about the woman who taught me to write grant proposals, but she died last month, and I knew I couldn’t write about her without crying my eyes out. I’m not ready for that.

shoesSo here I am, the evening before my post is due with nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zippo. Rien. My brilliant daughter suggested I post a photo. God, I love my daughter. I found these pumps while shopping with girlfriends in Phoenix or one of the cities that make up that area of Arizona. I never know exactly where I am when I’m there. I don’t have any place to wear them, but I couldn’t pass them up. So I might as well show them off here, right? Hmm, so how do I work this back to writing?

I’ve got it! While in the Phoenix area for my girlfriend getaway, I wrote every day! And let’s just say that these shoes were my reward. Sound good?

Now, go thee forth and write. And then rewardeth thyself.


At a Loss — 11 Comments

  1. It’s okay to have nothing to say. When you tinker about it, you do have something to share, the sharing of having nothing to share. LOL
    But it’s great you got yourself some really sweet heels~ I need to buy myself some.

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