Tall, skinny, mocha, EXTRA whip

strollerWriting space is so important. Many of my writer friends can attest to this fact. Inspiration is many times fleeting and finding just the right mood can make or break a writer’s productivity for the day/week/month/year. In my case, definitely year.

But, sometimes, writing from the same spot day in and day out can sap the creativity right out of you. So, I’ve been taking my laptop to coffee shops lately. A little fresh air, strong caffeine, what could go wrong?

Holy @%*&! Where did all these babies come from? Was there a baby boom I was blissfully unaware of that happened in the past year? I am surrounded by cute, cuddly, and wailing children with their moms towing their monstrous-needtheirownzipcode-REI® strollers. I can’t type one sentence without having to adjust my earplugs.

Worse, my sexy contemporary is turning into a ‘secret baby’ plot. Maybe it’s time to invest in that Bose noise reducer head phones? Maybe it’s time to spike my coffee with something alcoholic. I think yes to both.

First, I will try and squeeze my way past the line of strollers, without having my toes crushed, and grab a very hot, very mocha, very whippy beverage to make up for this unproductive day. Oreo on top? Why, yes please.



Tall, skinny, mocha, EXTRA whip — 3 Comments

  1. LOL. I can only imagine what that must be like, Lily. I live in an apartment and the children who live downstairs and behind me are adorable, but they can be a bit on the noisy side. Seems like when I need quiet and concentration most one child starts barreling through the apartment (which I can hear upstairs) and the other starts in with his high-pitch screaming match. Ugh! My headset does help, so I definitely suggest going for the noise-cancelling headphones.

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