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Last August I attended a girlfriend’s wedding and, as it happens nowadays, everyone was taking pictures on their cell phones and probably posting hundreds of images to their respective Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

So, I took one lovely picture of the wedding couple dancing and was about to post to Facebook, when one of my rules-bound girlfriend (love her otherwise) reminded me of the ‘Don’t Show Public Pictures of the Bride Before She Shows it First’ rule. Hmm. I must have skipped that chapter in the rules book. But really, it’s not like I committed the ‘Don’t Lick the Wedding Cake Dolls When No One is Watching’ rule, or the ‘Don’t flirt with the Groom’ rule. I’m very well aware that without rules, there’d be anarchy. I wore a bright green dress to the wedding reception. Even I remember the “Only Brides Wear Whites on her Wedding Day” rule.

However, I didn’t post the picture. I don’t want to be ‘that’ girl. I’m a conformist, unless someone or something tells me I can be an outlaw. I’ve followed the “No-white After Labor Day” rule for years until the show What Not To Wear said it was okay.

To this day, I still feel a sense of liberation when I break out with my white denim overalls in October. I know what you’re thinking; what about the “Don’t Even Think of Wearing Overalls Unless you Work in an Animal Farm” rule?

Darn, I really need to read that chapter on rules…




Rulesy Schmoozy — 6 Comments

  1. I love this post, Lily. It made me life and think of the “rules” that are always running through my head. Thank you to Stacy and Clinton for making us aware that wearing white after Labor Day wasn’t a punishable offense. After all, I live in the freaking South now. Besides, if everyone else here can wear Uggs in July, I think I should be able to wear a pair of white capris in early October if it’s still in the high 80s. :-)

  2. Personally I think there should be a rule about wearing Uggs in July. Sweaty feet much? However, the rule about wearing white after labor day is taken very seriously here in Canada. You wouldn’t want to blend in to a snow bank and get hit by a bus. Just kidding – sort of. I’ve still got three feet of snow in my back yard!
    Jana from the great white north.

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