What Am I Working On?

That’s a loaded question. My Critique Partners know I’ve been, ahem, working on Book 2 of what I’ve been calling my Beachcomber Series. This book has been my ‘angsty’ child for the past two years. But finally, it’s coming together. Not quite writing itself, but the scenes are hatching and morphing daily now.  Always Been You (working title) is the story of Shane McKenna, a commercial fisherman, and his ex-wife Olivia Simone, the woman he’d married straight out of high school. Shane is the older brother of Mitch from Unexpectedly You. The elevator pitch is Sweet Home Alabama meets the Perfect Storm. It’s a reunion story set in a fishing village on the Oregon Coast. And yes, there will be a storm and a shocking secret that will rock Shane’s world.

I have other projects in the works but I am a linear thinker, therefore, writer. It’s hard to jump outlinefrom one project to another. I hope to learn a process that allows me to do this in the near future because I have night sweats thinking about the stories pegged in my project pipeline. I can’t wait to begin. It’s not in my contemporary romance genre, which is why it’s in the back burner.

I do jot notes down when things pop in my head and I map out the high level turning points in my poster sized plotter. The next step is to assign a playlist or sometimes even one song to the project that really brings it to life.

What is your technique for keeping the lid on your stories when they want to Incredible Hulk out of your head?


What Am I Working On? — 5 Comments

  1. It’s really hard not to be tempted to start on a new project when I really should be finishing a current project. The new one always looks so shiny and exciting. What I usually do is take a short time to jot down some notes about the new story in my ideas binder to capture the idea. That satisfies my need to give it some attention, and then I can get back to the business at hand. That’s not to say I haven’t been totally hijacked by a new idea on occasion. Sometimes a writer’s gotta do what a writer’s gotta do.

  2. I struggle with this. Before I got around to finishing my first manuscript, I had about four partials. Once I finally finished one it was easier to finish the next one, and the next one. But I still have all these ideas that pop up and beg for my attention. Not to mention the dusty partials who are dying for a bit of love. ARGH! Guess it’s better to have too many ideas than to have none.

    Good luck on your WIP, Lily!

    • Reese, I’m so glad you said that about having all these partials before finishing my first. I was in the exact same boat. Though I’m finding finishing 2nd just as difficult. I wonder if I’m just ‘one of those’ writers who squeeze out words rather than be super prolific. Geez, I hope not.

  3. But when I have a new idea that morphs into a full blown story (which doesn’t happen often when I’m working on something else) I go ahead and outline it, then put it away. I’m not super prolific either. I got 500 words today in 90 minutes and felt good about it.

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