To Blog Tour or Not to Blog Tour

To Blog Tour or Not to Blog Tour

passportI recently completed my first blog tour and was pleasantly surprised at how much fun it was. I met a bunch of new readers who were all incredibly welcoming to a new author. I also had lovely blog hosts who were all tremendously supportive. Two hosts even reviewed my book (thank you Long and Short Reviews and Beyond My Writing Space).

There are many types of tours an author can choose to participate and many companies offering to help. An author can select daily blog posts, to book blurb blitzes, to Q&As. I opted for the Q&A type because it’s hard to find the time to write a blog post for every day of the tour and I wanted to keep some semblance of control over the content. I was terrified a host would assign me a topic that I had nothing intelligent to say.

Of course, I’m out there selling my wares, in this case my latest release Unexpectedly You, so I included an excerpt to hopefully incite even just one reader to purchase. Like many authors, I included a prize for following my tour and commenting each day. I gave daily prizes and a grand prize at the end of the tour. It was a lot of work, but was it really worth it? Did I see a jump in sales? Why, yes I did! I made it to Carina Press’ bestseller list for an entire day. Woot! But that’s not the real reason I think it’s worth it.

I used the blog tour as an informal reader survey to learn about my potential audience. I asked readers the question: What would make you try a new author? Here’s a quote from Chelsea B. and is consistent with the other responses I received across the different stops.

“I read a lot of blogs, so definitely reviews that point out things I enjoy in a novel. A good blurb, also. If I see a book in a store by an author I’ve never read, the blurb is what’s going to suck me in!”

So, blogs tours, reviews and a good blurb will take you a long way in building your audience. And for that knowledge, I would definitely embark on future tours. Keep an eye out in the coming weeks.

Have you found a new favorite author from following a blog tour?


To Blog Tour or Not to Blog Tour — 6 Comments

  1. As a debut author, I was surprised by the amount of work that went into a blog tour. I was also pleasantly surprised by what a wonderful experience it was connecting with blog hosts and readers. I learned some things the first time around, but would definitely do it again. I have discovered new authors based on blog tours, but most of my impulse buys thus far have come from Twitter. Often these tweets are connected to a blog tour.

    • It’s work that close to our hearts, right? I do check out tweets as well for impulse buys but have to admit, reviews go a long way in making me want to purchase a book. Thanks Reese!

  2. I’ve certainly been introduced to new-to-me writers by reviews on blogs. As someone who just completed a blog tour this month and is planning another for January, I’m glad to hear about your positive experience. I don’t know if I saw a jump in sales with my last blog tour, but I do know I visited blogs I’ve never been at before and received several reviews, all of them positive. I have to hope that brings more readers to my door. So I agree that while blog tours are work, they are worthwhile.

  3. I’ve seen increased sales from blog reviews and excerpts but not from any blog posts that I write (which I guess means I write really sucky posts). But I’m always interested to hear about other authors’ experiences. I think in the future I would do better to write posts around excerpts from my books. Reading about your experience just cemented that for me.

    • I’ll have you know that you do NOT write sucky posts. :) I’ve read them and they’re always very informative and entertaining. Glad to know that you have had a positive experience with blog tours as well. Thanks Samantha.

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