Like Fine Wine

When I told a friend of mine that I was writing a book with a hero and heroine hovering around big 5-0, and she wrinkled her nose in distaste. Apparently ‘older people’ can’t be sexy. I pointed out that my own husband—the very same guy she once described as a hottie-hubby—is fifty-three. She was forced to make an exception to the rule.

But who made the rule?

Where did we ever get the idea that people forty aren’t sexy? Were we supposed to leave lust in the dust once after our first-annual thirty-ninth birthday? Oops. Nobody told me.

I’ve been flouting this rule since I wrote my first story. I was told over and over I’d never sell a story. And then I did.

The publishing world is slowly-but-surely breaking away from this way of thinking. Five of my six novels (Margaret Ethridge) feature heroes and heroines over 30. Six of my twelve Hot Nights in St. Blaise novellas do too. My most recent sale was for an erotic romance featuring a couple who are both past the half-century mark.

And who decided that the good stuff was only meant for the under-30 crowd? George Bernard Shaw said the ‘Youth is wasted on the young.’ It’s true. Things do get better with age.

How about you?  Do you like your characters young and fresh, or do you think a little seasoning makes the story spicier? Comment below and I’ll draw one winner for a digital copy of the Harlequin-E Contemporary Boxed Set Volume 2, which includes my story, The Last First Date!

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Like Fine Wine — 18 Comments

  1. I write about 30-somethings most of the time, but the couple I understood the best were 47 and 49. Most of us realize as we get to the higher numbers that neither sex nor emotions have changed for the worse (joints are a different story altogether); it will be so good when publishers reach the same conclusion. Great post.

    • I am 56 and agree totally Liz. ,however I am single but I choose to think that,my,emotions etc have the same depth and so forth as like when I was 30″. And that’s when I had my baby in Dec.

      • I forgot the only problem I have is that,the covers do not reflect the beautiful models/actors out there that are still out there. Like Hugh Jackman, Chris Meloni, etc my age.

  2. My stories also feature characters on the verge of or in early middle-age, because, well, I write what I know 😉 But speaking as a reader, nowadays I have a tough time imagining wanting to read a romance that features twenty-somethings – I mean, I have very little in common with those people anymore. So I have to believe that there’s a market for romances featuring older protagonists, because many readers prefer characters with whom they can identify, and that isn’t always true if there’s a large age difference.

  3. I love reading about older couples and I especially love reading stories about long term committed couple who have a sexual reawakening. Life begins at 50 in my opinion so WRITE on!!

  4. Definitely older, wiser and more mature couples. You have to have lived a little, been thru a lot and come out on the other side whole and able to appreciate life and all it offers. Older, wiser, better and HOTTER.

  5. As long as the storyline grabs me and there’s plenty of conflict and good sex I. Am. Captivated. A total book whore, I want to read about people of all ages finding their HEA. And if it’s more Zimmer than simmer, that makes a very interesting read. :)

  6. You know what, as long as you’re writing the stories, I’ll take ’em any way you serve ’em! But I really do love a more seasoned hero and heroine. I think it makes for a better love story when there’s more on the line. :)

  7. Gee. I think you know my thoughts on that. Most of the time even if the couple isn’t ‘seasoned,’ in my mind’s eye they are. I love the way you keep them sexy.

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