Life Changes


Normally I’d spend my blog time writing something about, well, writing. Or books, or conventions (more on that one later) but since it’s an open post month, I’m going to talk about something else, something a bit more personal.

Life changes.

First, the whole college thing.  Holy guacamole, there’s a lot more to the college search than there was when I was doing it, back in the dark ages. Instead of gobs of glossy books showing up in the mail once you’ve taken the PSAT, now it’s emails – which is then followed by actual snail mail if you tell them you’re interested.  Much more economically and environmentally friendly, but there was something about those glossy pages.   Then there are the campus visits. I think it’s a great idea to visit and we just did that this weekend, but the whole college prep deal takes two major things….time and patience, both of which are in short supply.

Second is dealing with an aging parent. If you follow me on twitter, you’ll know that this is an up and down rollercoaster of treatments, doctor visits, and hospital stays interspersed with weeks here and there that are, for lack of a better word, normal. hands

Sometimes, you’re trying to handle everything at the same time (cue this weekend.) Mom just out of the hospital? College visit scheduled? OY. We got it all squared away, but yeesh.

What’s this all leading up to?

Conferences. I’d planned to go to the RT Conference in Dallas this year, but because of my mom’s health, I had to cancel. And I didn’t even sign up for RWA.  I’m bummed, but at the same time, I’m glad I’m taking a conference year off, because after this weekend’s college visit? I know I’m going to need to use my limited vacation time from work to do more campus tours with my teenager this summer.  And then there’s mom. Let’s just say I’m hoping for several long weeks of “normal.”

Oh, and somewhere in the middle of all of this, I need to write some books.

What life changes are you dealing with these days? 



Life Changes — 6 Comments

  1. You’re right in the sandwich generation right now, Jodie. I was in the same boat a few years ago, but things change. My husband and I are older now so our life change at this time is his retirement, which he’s enjoying immensely!

  2. Jana, good to hear you made it through this! Some days, it’s hard to see the light at the end of this particular tunnel. Retirement sounds lovely…what’s he doing to stay occupied?

  3. I will miss you in NYC, Jodie, but I totally understand why you’re not doing the conventions this year. You’ve got a lot going on! After a tough year myself, I’ve taken a little break from writing. Sometimes you just need a breather. :-)

  4. I have a similar topic scheduled for Tuesday lol! So you can read about it then 😉

    I totally get you about taking a conference break. But I think this means you *gotta* come to RT next year in Vegas because I’ll definitely be there!!

  5. That phrase that’s going around now “new normal” really is, isn’t it? We are in the honeymoon stage now, retired but well able to take care of ourselves and our lives. Even though we’re trying to ensure that our kids will never have to take on responsibility where we’re concerned, we all know it happens. Enjoy what you have when you have it, though–it all ends really fast.

  6. Good post! Just breathe and take one day at a time, is my advice. And yes, it seems there’s a “new normal” every time we turn around. I’m skipping the conferences this year too but let’s definitely meet up for more fun at Las Vegas and/or San Diego next year! HUGS!

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