Leanora Moore and the Plus Size Heroine


As a little girl Leanora Moore always had a notebook with her, where she could write her dreams and fantasies down. Growing into adulthood, she would read other authors work and say to herself that she could do the same thing. At the age of 31, she decided to write her first novel titled THE CARESS OF A YOUNGER MAN. Throughout the whole process she has learned that to write a great novel you have to be willing to learn and apply the information. She thanks all the authors who offered her advice and knowledge.

1. Tell us a little about yourself, including something people might be surprised to learn.

I’ve been married for fourteen years to my soulmate, and I have five beautiful teenagers that keep busy. I love writing and reading romance novels. I just released my fifth romance novel December 13, titled His Forgotten Lover.

2. What three things would you never leave home without?

His Forgotten Lover -- Leanora MooreThree things I never leave home without are my cellphone, tablet, and wallet.

3. When you’re not writing or reading, what’s your favorite way to kick back and relax?

My favorite way to relax is to beat my kids at Just Dance Four on the Xbox 360. They think my husband and I are too old, but we show them.

4. Which writers inspire you?

Brenda Jackson and Danielle Steele opened my eyes to the world of romance when I was a teenager, and influenced me to write my first novel.

5. Tell us a little about the premise of your book.

His Forgotten Lover is the third volume of my Voluptuously Curvy and Loving It Series, which features plus size heroines, and it tells Lexi and Jacob’s story, and the ups and downs they have to overcome together.

6.Tell us a little about your writing process.

I like to write late at night while everyone is asleep, or after my kids are off to school in the morning, so I don’t have so many distractions. I’m also a plotter. I outline the whole book from beginning to end.

7. What do you find most appealing about writing contemporary romance?

What appealed more to me was the happy endings and the paths my characters take to get there. I also like pulling my readers into my stories so that they can feel my characters’ emotions. My biggest reason was because I wanted to see more romance novels with plus-sized heroines.

Website: www.leanoramoore.net
Email: Leanoramoore@yahoo.com
Facebook: www.Facebook.com/leanoramoore78
Twitter: @leanora_moore


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  1. Thanks for joining us, Leanora. My heroines tend to be curvy and I love seeing variety in contemporary romance. Love that you are a busy mom but always make time for your writing. Congrats on your fifth release!

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