What Leah Braemel’s reading this month

I’m an eclectic reader — I don’t stay in any one genre. And I tend to read multiple books at the same time. I often have a new book to read, and a favorite book that I “comfort read”, and there’s usually one or two research books on the go too.

Bennett_drdaddy150This week I’m reading Jules Bennett’s Dr. Daddy’s Perfect Christmas (The St. Johns of Stonerock Book 1)
just for myself. I read a review over on Modokker’s Book Picks blog and it sounded like just the type of comfort read I needed this week.

Cheyenne McCray hidden-prey-200I’m in a romance-specific bookclub too, so we’re reading Cheyenne McCray’s Hidden Prey (Lawmen Book 1) this month. I have until tonight to finish it!

And for those moments I find myself wanting something different, I’m also re-reading snippets of Patricia Brigg’s Alpha and Omega series which I often switch up with her Mercy Thompson series.

For research, I’m reading lots of manuals on formatting documents for Smashwords and Amazon. And there are of course the usual “grab off the shelf” reading of passages of my various writing resources for when I’m stuck on a scene or a character and I need inspiration. Books like Self-Editing for Fiction Writers, Second Edition: How to Edit Yourself Into Print — if you’re an author, it’s a must-have book for your shelf.

Kellison_Darkness FallsAnd once I’m done Jules Bennett’s story is Erin Kellison’s Reveler series, starting with Darkness Falls: Reveler Series 1.

Although that one isn’t just for pleasure but also for research. I’ve got a hankering to get back to writing classic fantasy again, like I was ten years ago, but I’m not sure the market is friendly to them yet.

Anyone want to read a LOTR-style fantasy with romantic elements still? I feel the need to stretch my writing muscles…


What Leah Braemel’s reading this month — 4 Comments

  1. There’s always a lot of craft/how-to/inspiration reading on my list, as well. It’s mixed in with the “just for fun” and “I want to see how they do it books”. Best of luck with your LOTR-type aspirations, Leah.

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