Laura Drake – I HEART Secondary Characters

No, seriously. I have to rein them in halfway through the book so they don’t take over!

And I’m not just talking humans, either.

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Think I’m kidding?

In Her Road Home, my biker-chick romance, Samantha’s best friend is a big-hair, town matchmaker café owner in so-tight-they’re-painted-on uniforms. A ditz, right? Until you realize she’s a math-nerd who gave up an MIT education.


Sam is adopted by Bugs (short for butt-ugly), a bulldog who drools like a waterfall, and farts like cannon-fire.


In The Sweet Spot, Charla, a simple country girl, is befriended by a New Yorker with a killer bod, a bad sense of style, and a worse attitude. Another ditz? You may think so, until you hear she used to weigh 300 pounds and is married to a very successful AV nerd from High School.


There’s a few animal secondary characters to choose from here:

Pork Chop, Charla’s pudgy palomino

Tricks – a cow that escapes from intact fences. Charla dislikes Tricks, until she almost loses her.

Dirty Tricks – Tricks’ calf.

But the hardest secondary character I’ve written by far, was Wyatt Jameson, the brother of my hero, Max Jameson, in Nothing Sweeter, my new release.

Max is an old-fashioned Colorado rancher. Think Marlboro Man, but stubborn, set in his ways, and a moral compass chipped out of stone.

Oh, and Wyatt’s gay.

I didn’t want a stereotype – for either Max or Wyatt. I wanted to portray the true dilemma, and bedrock feelings and beliefs of both these complex characters as they try to find a way through to be a family. It was a challenge, but only the readers can tell me if I succeeded!

BullIt seems I can’t write a book without an animal secondary character, and this one is no different:

Fire Ant is a tiny bucking bull who doesn’t know he’s small. And his heart sure isn’t! Everyone laughs at Bree, the heroine, when she buys him but she and Fire Ant have the last laugh!

“The second entry in Drake’s Sweet on a Cowboy series (after The Sweet Spot) is another character-
driven contemporary western with more heart than heat. Rancher Max Jameson, stunned by the unexpected death of his father, is determined to keep the family spread in Steamboat Springs, Colo., despite pressure to sell to a greedy neighbor. His brother, Wyatt, tries to help out, though the sibling relationship is strained due to Max’s discomfort with the fact that Wyatt is gay. Cover Nothing Sweeter SMALL
Bree Tanner is scarred physically and mentally after being wrongfully convicted of and imprisoned for her ex-boss’s shady financial dealings; now exonerated and free, she decides to start over by helping to raise rodeo bulls on the Jameson ranch.
Max’s tough exterior masks relatable fear, his relationship with Wyatt is handled gracefully, and Bree’s genuine shame about her past makes her sympathetic. While Max and Bree’s romantic relationship is secondary to their internal and interpersonal struggles, complex characters and some fun full-riding scenes balance out the seriousness.” – Publisher’s Weekly Review

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