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Author HeadshotThe last time I was at The Café, I warned you – I’m a bit quirky.  My ‘biker-chick’ romance, Her Road Home, is out from Harlequin’s Superromance this month. I’m excited to announce that Romantic Times gave it 4 stars!

“A minor motorcycle accident leaves builder Samantha Crozier stranded in Widow’s Grove, Ca. While she recovers, she hires mechanic Nick Pinelli to fix her bike. But while recuperating in town, she finds the house of her dreams to buy and restore, and she realizes that Nick just might be the man to go along with it. 

With realistic emotions and nicely depicted characters, this is a powerful story.”

Her road Home CoverBut what does this have to do with what I’m working on now?  I just signed a contract for three more stories set in the small central California town of Widow’s Grove. I’ve long loved small town series – Debbie Macomber has her Cedar Cove, Robyn Carr has Virgin River, Nora, with Boonsboro . . . I could go on and on.

Actually, Widow’s Grove started out as an actual place – it’s a tourist town in the wine-growing area of Central California – If you read the novel, I’d love to have you guess which one!

But there are disadvantages to writing about an actual town. You have to know where everything is – and it’s often not where you want it to be. Store owners can get upset if you’re not complimentary. People can think you’re writing about them . . . trust me; it’s not a good idea.

I never planned to write a series, but after spending so much time in Widow’s Grove, I didn’t want to leave it! It’s so clear in my mind; the Farmhouse Café, the Bar None, the stately Victorians that line the road on the way to town. Hollister Drug, where the pharmacist is about to meet up with a street-wise hellcat when he tries to arrest her little brother . . . well, you’ll have to wait for that one.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the story of Sam, my biker chick, and her mechanic, Nick Pinelli, in Her Road Home.

So, what is your favorite small town series?


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  1. Hi, Laura. Glad to see you back! I love small town series. I think Robyn Carr’s Virgin River is my favorite. For today, anyway, though I’m liking her new one, too. And Boonsboro was my favorite when I read it.

  2. Welcome back to the Café, Laura!

    This morning I was sketching out a scene this morning that takes place in an actual city–my hometown of Cleveland–considering this same thought. You have to know the layout. I am going to create a location–rather than using an actual dance club. But because the hero needs to live nearby, I need to make sure everything makes sense. When you create a fictional town, it gives you a lot more leeway. Something to think about.

  3. My personal favorite small town is Jude Deveraux’s Edilean, VA. As a reader it’s great to really get to know somewhere through the continuity of several stories set in the same place. I can’t wait to “visit” Widow’s Grove!

  4. I love small town romances too, Laura. I set my upcoming release from Carina Press, First and Again, in a small town in North Dakota. I sort of based it in on a real town but not really. I like the freedom of creating my own little world and putting things where I need them to be!

    Best of luck with your series!

  5. Thanks everyone! Especially you, Crystal! 😉
    Rebecca, I forgot Jude’s small town, you’re right – it’s great.
    Jana, North Dakota – that sounds interesting – and all those COLD winter nights are great for romance, eh?

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