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This month’s contemporary romance recommendations were provided by Jaime at Fic Fare. See Jaime’s bio below to learn more about this month’s guest reviewer.

Fic Fare

Take What You Want – Jeanette Gray

TakeWhatYouWant-JeanetteGreyIn Take What You Want, we meet Ellen Price. She’s spent the last years studying hard to get into med school and working to pay her way. When her friends take off for the beach over Spring Break and all Ellen has to look forward to is an empty apartment she decides to take matters into her own hands and spread her wings, doing things she wouldn’t have done as her ‘normal’ self.

This, she decides, includes approaching the hot guy she sees at the local bar and propositioning him.

Josh wasn’t expecting his classmate to approach him in the bar… Ellen is normally quiet and reserved. He should know, he’s quietly watched her from the first day of their Freshman year. (not in a creepy way I promise!) Ellen’s proposal of casual sex has Josh excited, but it quickly becomes clear that she has no clue who he really is… and he doesn’t tell her.

What is meant to be a one-night stand turns into much more in this wonderfully told story.

Let me tell you something that should not be a secret. Jeanette Grey can write some citrus… holy crap. The chemistry between these two couldn’t be hotter. My copy of Take What You Want just may be highlighted to death. *whistles innocently*

Josh… this boy/man holy swoons! Let me just say… french toast, smart, sexy, motorcycle …

“I’ll be so good to you,” … “I’ll make you feel so good, Ellen. Trust me.”

At only 113 pages this is a quick read. Which makes it even more amazing that I connected with Ellen and Josh so well. I have Jeanette to thank for that – she develops these characters so well, I was completely invested in their story by the last page.

If you’re looking for something quick and light with lots of wonderful chemistry and steam you definitely need to pick up Take What You Want!

 It Had to Be You – Jill Shalvis

 It Had to Be You by Jill ShalvisI absolutely loved the seventh book in the Lucky Harbor series.

First of all, Ali might be one of my favorite romance heroines. She’s smart and while everything in her life isn’t perfect, she’s trying to make the most of it, and she isn’t depending on anyone to make her happy.

Ali has had a shitty day. She’s finally home after finding out her live-in boyfriend has left her and surprise! He hasn’t renewed the lease for the house they were renting. She first encounters Luke Hanover after giving her ex a piece of her mind via his voicemail… in only her bra and underwear.

Luke is looking for is a bit of peace and quiet from the stress of having a case go south on him as a detective from San Francisco.  He hasn’t been home to Lucky Harbor in 10 years for reasons he isn’t ready to share… and he doesn’t intend to stay either. There are too many memories for him that he’s tried to keep buried. Let me just say that I loved Luke. The man can wear some board shorts, that’s for sure… and his need to take care of everyone makes him wonderfully sweet. But of course he’s a boneheaded guy sometimes too.

Unfortunately, it seems Ali has some of the worst luck on the planet and is accused of something she didn’t do but Luke can’t sit and watch Ali get railroaded it and quickly realizes that having her around is going to be more trouble than he expected.

“Damn,” he said, stroking the pad of his finger over her wet lower lip. “Did not see that coming.” 

“Didn’t see what coming?”


It Had To Be You has everything Jill Shalvis is best at… humor, romance, a sweet plot and excellent characters. The Lucky Harbor series is on my favorites list for a reason. If you’re looking for something light and fluffy… hot guys and a sweet romance you can’t go wrong with these.

After Hours – Cara McKenna

After Hours by Cara McKennaErin Coffey is an LPN and has spent the last six years caring for her grandmother but that definitely didn’t prepare her for Larkhaven Psychiatric Hospital. She’s spent most of her 27/28 years caring for those around her, including her mom, her sister and her nephew. Taking this job, as scared as she might be of it, guarantees her a salary and insurance and it’s close to her family. 

Kelly is one tough mother&*#@er. That is all I can say. He’s not your typical hero, he doesn’t have gorgeous, floppy hair, or the perfect job, or a college degree, and he comes across a bit cold and calculating.

Their attraction isn’t immediate, in fact Erin is determined to stay away from the man who reminds her of all the men in her mom and sister’s lives. But they are drawn to each other, and it turns out she can’t resist Kelly’s offer… 2 days, no strings, just pleasure. The catch is that she has to do what he says.  I know, I know… let all your feminist ideas go, because while it sounds horrible, McKenna writes Kelly in a way that it isn’t overbearing or eye-rollingly obnoxious.

I will be the first to admit that super alpha males scare me a bit, and while Kelly at times came across as cold and hard, he had a gooey caramel center and when that man begged “Please.” I was a goner. I couldn’t even put it down while making dinner!

The ending was perfection… not rushed like I often run into with the romance genre so I was incredibly happy when I turned that last page.

 Definitely check this one out if you’re looking for a hot, naughty (FILTHY) read because Kelly… with his expectations and demands… he will become everything you never thought you wanted.

Down for The Count – Christine Bell

Down for the Count by Christine BellIn Down for the Count we first meet Lacey Garrity at her wedding reception where she finds her new husband in a compromising position with her best friend in a closet. She’s immediately whisked away by the brother of her best friend, Galen Thomas. Galen, a professional boxer, has spent most of his life viewing Lacey as his sister’s best friend and nothing more, teasing her or just plain ignoring her.

When he comes to her rescue after finding her loser husband with someone else he starts to realize that she isn’t just the younger friend of his sister that he’s always pictured her as.

I really enjoyed this book – it had the perfect amount of romance, and smut and a great story that kept me interested in the characters. I couldn’t help but be reminded of the movie Notting Hill at the end. If you’re looking for a quick, naughty read, this might be just what you need!

 About Last Night – Ruthie Knox

 About Last Night by Ruthie KnoxNo recommendation list from me would be complete without something by Ruthie Knox.

Cath Talarico & Nev Chamberlain are complete opposites. He’s a banker in stiff suits with a family legacy and she’s… not. Art, tattoos and a history that she doesn’t share with anyone are her thing. He’s English and she’s American. He’s private schools and money and she’s again… not.

Cath passes the time waiting for her train by people watching… giving nicknames to the people who wait with her. One of them she has nicknamed “City” – a well-dressed, gorgeous guy in a suit. Someone who she’s sure has never once noticed her.

After a horror of a blind date, Cath inadvertently takes an antihistamine and drinks some alcohol and she finds herself on the train platform in a bit of trouble. Enter Nev. Nev is this warm, passionate, seductive and sweet guy that with just a sentence or a look could have you swooning. He is patient and sweet with her despite all the baggage she has and the two together have an incredible chemistry.

The characters aren’t perfect, they both have their flaws, but I think that’s what I love most about it. In dramatic fashion the climax occurs and I think you’ll love it as much as I did. It totally worked for me. But that’s all I’m saying about that! You will have to read it to experience it!

Knox gives readers a wonderful, sweet romance with witty dialogue and some hot love scenes! Definitely give this one a read if you haven’t yet!

What are your book recommendations for this month? Share them in the comments below.

Meet Jaime of Fic Fare: Jaime is a lover of words, music and graphics… not necessarily in that order and she dreams of a day when she can spend her days surrounded by these things instead of her real life job.  She created Fic Fare as a way to share her love of them and has been reviewing books on her blog for just over a year.  While Fic Fare mainly focuses on Young Adult books, Friday’s are reserved for books of the adult variety. When she’s not reading, she’s working or spending time with her crazy 7 year old.

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  1. Thank you so much for being a guest reviewer her at the Contemporary Romance Cafe, Jaime! What a fantastic list of options. Adding these to my to-be-read list.

  2. Oh, I’m so happy to see Jeanette Grey’s name here! She was one of the first online writerly friends I made, and her ability to tell an emotional tale that sticks with you long after you’ve read the last page is second to none.

    Thanks for the great recommendations, Jaime! :)

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