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Where do I write? Right here, mostly. WriterAtWork

It’s not the prettiest chair. As a matter of fact, I call it my “butt-ugly” writing chair.

We actually have two of them, and when we bought them they were $99 each, so you know they’re not the best quality. And they’re old now, which means they’re losing their cushiony goodness and breaking down (having a child who throws herself over them and into them and spins around in them doesn’t help AT ALL.)  And I would love to have a new chair, but here’s the thing:  I wrote FIVE books in this chair. Five books that got published.  Call me superstitious, but one doesn’t get rid of the writing chair!

NewDeskMy husband painted my daughter’s old playroom for me, a lovely shade of gray that I picked out. I’ve got a desk in there, a really NICE office chair, and I’m looking for bookcases. But the office is in the dark, dark basement and I like the living room, with open windows and lots of light. (Don’t laugh at the picture frames with no pictures in them….this is still a work in progress!)

There are days I go down there, when the TV is just too much to handle and I need quiet. But when it comes time to BICHOK, it’s this chair to which I go.

Now if only I could get the quiet…..


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    • Thanks, Liz. I figure if I decide on a new chair for the living room, the least messed up of these chairs will go to my office in the basement just so I can use it if I need it! What’s your superstition?

  1. Okay, Rebecca’s response has me cracking up. I wondered the same thing, just glad she asked. LOL.

    I think I’m the only one who never writes in a chair or on the couch, unless I’m swyping out scene snippets using my Kindle and Evernote. Guess that’s because I’ve never been able to get comfortable with a laptop on my lap. Also, my laptop currently has O battery life.

    Like you, I need some sunlight. Dark spaces definitely affect my mood.

    I love that you know what works for you. Carry on!

    • LOL, Reese! I think I had shorts on. Maybe. 😛

      I spend all day at a desk at my EDJ, so I think that’s why I differentiate. I can’t write in bed, though I know a lot of people do. And my couch is forever occupied by kid and/or DH, so this is “mom’s chair.” If anyone is in it, they know I expect hem to move, LOL. Well, except for the cats– they don’t move for anyone!

  2. I need sunlight to write as well. I used to have an office space in the basement, but it felt so dark down there, especially in the winter when the snow completely blocked the little windows. Now I’ve moved upstairs into a spare room and I’ve very happy here.

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