Jodie’s Random Thoughts on Writing

questionmarksSince this month we have an open post month, I thought I’d share some of the weirdness that goes through my head.

Why do you always get the best ideas in the deepest, darkest middle of the night? And, then, why do you never remember them in the light of the morning? I’ve tried jotting them in my phone, though I’m not nearly an accurate enough phone-typist to be coherent. “H3 f8mda brlk crmdl goz hur h6se fil5s dangre.” Um, WHAT?  Writing it on a notepad isn’t much better. I tend to write sentences literally right over the top of other ones on the page. OOPS.

How come you struggle to finish writing the book you’re working on, but ideas for the next one won’t shut up? I need to finish THIS ONE before I can start THAT ONE, okay, brain?

Why is it when I come up with a great, unique idea and I start laying it all out in my head and in my notebooks…someone else talks about the exact same thing on Twitter?  GET OUT OF MY HEAD.  Mine. Mine, mine, MINE.

I really wish life had an interface that could take my ideas for a book from my brain to paper / computer without me having to type or speak.  I mean, come ON, we can build limbs from paper. Gimme WORDS.

When reprinting a section of a manuscript, why does it start on the right-facing page of double sided pages when it always seems to be on the left-facing page when you’ve printed the whole thing? It insults my sense of order!  *marks big X through old page* *winces*

How come words don’t count as steps on a fitness tracker? I sure*feel* like I’ve run miles by the time I’m done a writing session.

Last but not least, waiting is the hardest part. Writing is hard, yeah. Editing is a lot of work, too. But sending your words out into the world and waiting for a publisher’s reply is rough.  And it’s not like it gets easier the more you’re published…or maybe that’s just my experience.  *looks at calendar, counts weeks*   You start thinking weird things. They hate it. They can’t come to an agreement on whether or not they want it. They lost it. They never got it—even though you know they did.   In other words? Maybe I’ll have news to share next month!

What kinds of “why do…” thoughts pop through your head?


Jodie’s Random Thoughts on Writing — 3 Comments

  1. That’s funny, Jodie. I’ve had many of these thoughts. However, keeping my notes in EverNote using my phone or Kindle has pretty much solved my frustrations about those late night ideas. Oh, and I’m totally with you on thinking that should be a way to take the story from idea in my head to complete. BAM!

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