Jessi Gage, the red couch, and a bottle of Corona…

Good Morning Café Crew! I’m super psyched to be here, guest posting at The CRC for the first time! I’ve got a new release and a GIVEAWAY to share, but first, I thought I’d show you where I write:


Where I write

What you’re seeing is my pit stop between laundry folding and bathroom cleaning, my refuge from diaper changing and toddler bathing, my own personal pub where you can find me clutching a bottle of Corona with both hands after kids’ bedtimes, my own personal café where I suck down that first cup of coffee of the day…and the two or three that follow, the place where my imagination runs wild and I write, and my hub for connecting with fans and fellow-writers.

Yep, this is where the magic happens. On a red corduroy IKEA Ektorp couch. With my feet propped up on a bargain storage ottoman in brown leather that I got for a good deal on

Why do I write from my couch?

As you can tell from above, I’m a stay-home mommy on top of being a writer. Kid1 goes to pre-K across town, so I drive her there and back, but in the hours in between, I’m fetching snacks, cleaning up messes, and doing the other hundred thousand things that keep my almost 3yo alive from day to day. I like having “my office” in the middle of everything. It’s simply not practical at this season of life to have a writing retreat, but I dream about this. One day…one day.

To drool over a few places I would love to write from, click over to my Pinterest board: Places I would like to write from. All these places would be splendid offices if I didn’t have family and expense as parameters.

All these places scream luxury adventure or relaxation, but to be honest, I really like writing from my couch. It’s home. It’s me.

So, where do you write and/or read? What spots allow you to imagine and relax?

Wherever you like to go to read, I hope you’ll take a copy of my new release to that special spot soon!

JessiGage_TheWolfAndTheHighlander_1400pxThe Wolf and the Highlander (Highland Wishes #2) is ready to heat up your e-reader! It will be in print soon, too. Sign up to receive my new-release newsletter in your inbox, and you’ll get a brief notice whenever I have a new release.

Warning: The Wolf and the Highlander is not your typical Highlander romance.

As the title implies, the second in my Highland Wishes series of magical time-travel romances has a Highlander in it, but the Highlander isn’t the hero this time. The Highlander is the heroine. And she’s not your typical heroine.

In Wishing for a Highlander (book 1), my heroine, Melanie, is a single and pregnant career-focused, modern-day woman who gets tossed 500-years in the past to tangle with a virginal Highland warrior who is insecure about his unusually large size (in more ways than one *snickers like a middle-schooler*). In The Wolf and the Highlander (book 2), the heroine is the antagonist from the first book. Anya. After a bad fall, she is scarred, crippled, and bitter. Not your typical romance heroine. But her heart is repentant. I decided she should get a second chance, but I didn’t make it easy for her.

Enter the wolf-man.

Riggs is a bearded virgin who lives in a secluded cabin and never goes anywhere without his trusty axe. His people (a blend of Fae and mythical wolves) are dying. No females have been born to his race in many years. Anya, who believes she is next to worthless, becomes the most precious thing in existence, a woman young enough to revive the hope of an entire world.

Read on for the blurb, and don’t forget to enter my GIVEAWAY.

Here’s the blurb and buy links:

Anya’s been a bad girl. A vindictive plot against one of her clansmen backfired, resulting in her grave injury. Now scarred and crippled, her selfish ambition has turned into bitter self-loathing. She finds nothing lovely about herself, and doesn’t expect anyone else to either. But when a magical wishing box sends her to another dimension, she becomes the most valuable prize imaginable.

While hunting a rare marbled boar, Riggs, a trapper in Marann’s western forest, hears a strange cry. Distracted from the hunt, he loses the sow but finds instead something more valuable than a whole cart packed with marbled boar skins. A woman. She is delicate, her teeth are small and flat, and her skin is curiously hairless. She is not wolfkind. Maybe she is the miracle his people have been hoping for.

Riggs must bring Anya to King Magnus, because breeding rights belong first and foremost to His Majesty, who needs an heir. But the female calls to a primal part of him. He longs to keep her in secret and take her as his mate. But if he gives in to the temptation, he could single handedly bring about the end of civilization.

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 (More retailers coming soon!)

zz_Jessi Gage headshot2Jessi lives with her husband and children in the Seattle area. She’s a passionate reader of all genres of romance, especially anything involving the paranormal. Ghosts, demons, vampires, witches, weres, faeries…you name it, she’ll read it. As for writing, she’s sticking to Highlanders and contemporaries with a paranormal twist (for now). The last time she imagined a world without romance novels, her husband found her crouched in the corner, rocking.

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  1. Welcome to the Cafe, Jessi. I love that you consider your couch your personal pub. Makes it sound more exciting and you need to be excited when you write.

  2. Jessi,

    I hear your writerly pain. When my two boys were home, they had first dibs on the PC for homework, so I wrote my first 4 books on a laptop in the living room. It was pretty comfy, I will say.

    Now I finally have a writing office with real bookshelves (just built by Handyman Husband) and the PC is all mine, while he gets the laptop. Finally I get some respect, lol!

    Your book sounds great. I’ll give it a try.

    • LOL. I don’t think I could ever go back to a PC. I write at my desk most of the time, but I love the portability of my laptop. Great post, Jessi. Thanks for coming!

    • Nice to meet you, Cathryn! My kids like to request Youtube videos on my laptop (their favorite at the moment is watching dominoes fall). Sometimes I indulge them, but usually, I tell them to go away so mommy can work:-)

    • Oh, outside is wonderful. As stay-home mommy, I do a lot of that too. While I’m supervising playtime, I’ve always got my Kindle in my hand:-)

      Glad to meet you!

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