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Please welcome guest author Jennifer Anderson to the Cafe.

I’m a sucker for a good romance. Throw in some snow, twinkling lights and I’m a goner. Toss a holiday book or turn on the television to that wonderfully delightful channel and I’ll be good all season. Just check on me when it’s present opening time, give me a few sips of egg nog and we’ll all have a Merry Christmas.

There’s something magical about cold nights, warm roaring fires and garland strung from the mantel. I believe it started when we were kids. Not just the idea of a red suited man shimming down the chimney with a bag full of toys, but when the lights are all off except for the colorful glow of the Christmas tree. Even now, I sit with my kids in front of the tree and stare at its brilliance and a sense of magic washes over the room. The “what could be’s” dance in our heads, much like sugar plums from the cherished holiday story.

That innocence and wonder, sticks with us as we get older and I think as adults, it almost turns to a romantic feel. Looking at that tree, we’re renewed with a sense of hope to find that one special someone, or a spark ignites for our significant other that lights the twinkle in our eye.

Sure, they may seem cheezy, but that’s what many of the Hallmark movies are based on. You might giggle at the idea of Kelly Martin finding love after her husband dies just because a new ornament magically appears at her house. But you keep watching don’t you? I do and throughout their entire journey to discover their own magic, I’m hooked, rooting for them, feeling my heart swell with more love for the season.

Not feeling it? Here’s my advice. Decorate that tree and turn off the lights. Grab that someone you care for and just sit in the soft glow from the tree and let the magic take place. Not in love? Just dating? Well, nothing is better than a carriage ride through a commercial light display to enjoy the closeness of the season.

What are some of your best romantic holiday memories? One of my favorite memories is walking with my husband along the snowy streets of Chicago, drinking in the holiday lights, especially the splendor of the tree by the Hancock Observatory. Romance is all around, even on a crowded street covered in white with a sparkling tree to look at.

Or, do you have a scene from a holiday romance book that you can’t stop reading? Please share. I’m always looking for a distraction from wrapping presents.

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Jennifer Anderson author photoAbout Jennifer Anderson
Ref, chauffer, master chef and booboo kisser. When I’m not wielding my super mom powers, I like to weave sentences together and offer a little escape to my readers. You can usually find me sitting in the dark in front of my computer, falling in love with my characters. Send chocolate! 
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Books by Jennifer Anderson:
Ice Princess
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Queen Mean
King of the Lake
Death Sat Beside Her
My Brother’s Wedding
Finding You


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  1. I’ll bring the popcorn! I am a Hallmark movie addict. A sister-in-law said, “Good God, they’re like Harlequin romances!” and I (a Harlequin author) said, “Thank you!” and kept right on watching. My favorite is “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” I wish they’d start making Regency-era movies, too, so I could watch Mary Balogh Christmas stories and read along…

  2. My favorite Christmas memories always involve family, whether it’s cozy times with my husband, or just being with my kids and my extended family. That and driving in the snow. Okay, maybe that’s not a favorite Christmas memory! Thanks for being with us today Jennifer.

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