January Book Recommendations by Desere from Romance Book Haven

Each and every one of the following contemporary romances are ones that popped for me recently. Each has a stunningly crafted message of love, hope and forgiveness.

Sleigh Bells In the Snow by Sarah Morgan

17738241Striving to be the best at which ever job you do is perfectly acceptable, we all want recognition and we all want to make it to the top, but when it is only your job you live for and nothing else, now that is a serious cause for concern.

You don’t interact with anyone unless it is about work, you don’t go to bed before 3 am in the morning and by 5 am you are back up and going for the next deal.  You are surrounded by people but in actual fact you are nothing but a lonely sad workaholic.

In the new read from author Sarah Morgan this is the life of Kayla Green, she slaves hour after hour closing one deal after the other, she loves her job and is devoted to it every single minute of the day, yes even in her sleep, the woman does not go to bed without her phone! But there is one time of the year that she piles on as much extra work as possible, Christmas time and in her books the season to loath.

So when I’ll-make-you-melt-with-one-touch Jackson O’Neil approaches her to make sure the word gets out there about his family business, she is all for it. What else could be more perfect, a secluded cabin surrounded by snow, no Christmas decorations in store windows for miles, she could loose herself in her work and before you know it Christmas will be over and life will be okay again.

But upon arrival Kayla finds she is in buried in a very deep amount of snow or rather trouble, so deep in fact that no shovel can dig her out of it. She is surrounded by Christmas and happy everywhere she looks, she can handle this, simply block it out by focusing on work, but when she finds herself in the arms of Jackson she cannot seem to find the block she needs to resist him and the happy ever after feelings he brings out in her, she needs to run and run fast, before her heart of ice melts and she risks loosing love once again.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance with a simply magical setting, amazingly crafted characters and a message of Christmas is the time for loving. A sensual, sexy, passionate highly compelling read, the perfect escape into a world of romance and Christmas miracles.

5/5 star review

“The flames of desire melt away her perfectly crafted heart of ice” 

Full review can be found at Romance Book Haven Reviews

An Exquisite Challenge by Jennifer Hayward

18343251All of us have a fighting spirit within us, not all of us unleash it on a daily basis and sometimes it takes a serious push to get it out into the open and on a mission to win.

But when unleashed it can sometimes have such serious consequences that we wish we never stepped up to the plate in the first place, basically “You should have kept your big mouth shut”.  As is the case for the heroine, Alexandra in the new Jennifer Hayward read.

Alexandra’s business is in a hot spot and needs a new big time company linked to their client list in order to step out of the fire pit.

The client comes in the form of too hot to handle Gabe De Campo, not only does his good looks make her knees go weak but he is also the one man that has managed to bring her temper to the bubbling point of no return on numerous occasions.

But Alexandra never misses a challenge and she goes all out to secure the client of the year, only when she gets to deal with Gabe up close and personal does she realize this man is the one and only that can strip her bare of all her defenses and with this realization comes the knowledge that her past is either about to set her free or ruin them both.

The conflict in this book was super hot, it had me on the edge of my seat to make sure I do not miss a word and drama! I actually more than once found myself yelling out loud “That’s it, stand up and fight until you both get hit with the realization of what is right in front of you!”.

I highly recommend this book was each and every single romance fan out there! This read is filled with sensual, sexual, romantic and emotional brilliance!

Saying I can wait to see what this author offers up next would be telling the lie of the century, this is Jennifer Hayward we’re talking about and I am positive she will have me pulling my hair out with the wait so all I will say is Jennifer get back to work as in NOW!

5/5 star review

“Together they discover the angels nectar is within each other’s arms” 

Full review can be found at Romance Book Haven Reviews

Too Much of a Good Thing? by Joss Wood

18050891Each and every decent sibling out there will tell you that when losing your parents and you’re the most adult one of the kids, you will step up in a heartbeat and do whatever you need to do to raise your brothers or sisters.

It of course is not easy, when your friends are out on dates, you will be home helping with cooking and homework.  A full time parent with basically no life at all!

In the newest read from author Joss Wood she takes a look at just how difficult it can be when having to face this exact same situation up the the point where the kids are all grown up and you finally get the time to live.

But getting into the swing of things basically well and truly sucks, how do you get into dating and living it up when all you are use to is making sure homework is done and goals are met? Not easy at all and this is the dilemma Lu faces when her twin brothers are all grow up and she is left behind.

Lucky for her she comes face to face with the best time she will ever have Will Scott! The man is all kinds of delicious temptation and a guaranteed good time. But he is only in town for a short time and thus only fling material, perfect for getting her groove back for a future of fun.

However when Lu realizes she has fallen for Will and letting go will be far harder than letting “motherhood” go, she is no longer sure she set out on the correct path of fun, after all the man will be gone before you know it.

I recommend this read for anyone looking for a great romance read with delightful characters and fun moments that will leave you feeling that perfect little happy ever after feeling we all seek!

5/5 star review

“The second she steps into his arms skydiving will be the least of her worries” 

Full review can be found at Romance Book Haven Reviews

Jaimie: Fire and Ice (The Wilde Sisters) by Sandra Marton

18593679Being logic in life has it bonus points, but as we all know there comes a time when we need to act on our instincts and just go with the flow, however going with the flow does not always leave us with the desired effect of getting what we want. So, many of us go back to logic thinking and forget about any crazy notions we had.

In the new read from Sandra Marton this is the exact approach Jaimie Wilde takes when she throws logic away and ends up having the most incredible sex of her life in the arms of I’ll-make-you-feel-so-good-you will-be-desperate-for-my-touch  Zach Castelianos .

When morning comes logic returns and she cannot get out of there quick enough, leaving Zach behind and taking only the memories with her.

Only she does not return to life as she knows it, a stalker is out to get her but she makes no big deal of it, that is until Zach ends up on her doorstep ready to protect her at all costs, he keeps her safe in his arms but when she finds out the truth he has been hiding there is only one thing left to do, run as fast as she can away from impulse and back to logic.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of hot romance reads! It was full of blazing passion, amazing emotions of self discovery and just so darn sexy it will awaken the adventurous side in you. A sensual, mind-blowingly sexy read!

5/5 star review

“Fire meets ice and all logic melts away” 

Full review can be found at Romance Book Haven Reviews

His Ultimate Prize by Maya Blake

18050543I have always, always adored racing! The ultimate rush when hearing those engines roar to life, the pure adrenalin form watching the cars speed by! But aside from drooling over the cars there are the totally delectable sex on legs racing drivers!

Now those are simply something that racing cannot exist without, so what more could I ask for when a kick ass author incorporates the world of racing into a beautiful romance? Absolutely nothing because this read had it all!

The thrills, the spills, the sexual heat so hot the pages went up in a fiery blaze, the speed, the focus and amazing to die for characters with such heart-wrenching issues it felt as if my heart was breaking for them over and over again the more I read.

The read tells of the no nonsense learned to fight back the hard way Raven and her quest to help sexy dare devil Rafael De Cervantes recover to perfect health after a near fatal crash, which she believes is her fault. However as she helps him on his road to physical recovery she discovers a man in far more pain than he lets the world see. And when she falls for his charm she knows she is trapped with no way out, that is until he kicks her out to go racing!

I recommend this for ALL fans of racing hot romance reads, simply sexy, sensual, overwhelmingly gorgeous and best of all it has hot racing drivers! This author truly knows what she is doing behind the wheel or is that typewriter, laptop okay maybe pen and paper? Who cares, go and get a copy of this ultimate prize book of the year!

5/5 star review

“He races for the finish line, she races to save his heart” 

Full review can be found at Romance Book Haven Reviews

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  1. Hi Des, happy new year from NZ :) I’ve just come back camping from Hot Water Beach and I read Maya’s book while there, it’s great, i’ve been looking forward to that installment for a while now! Thanks for the reviews, you’ve inspired me to read some new stories as well as to post some reviews. Thank you for Sharing. Tash xx

  2. Sleighbells in the Snow was the most enjoyable winter read, I totally hearted it. And I thought Jaimie Fire and Ice covered a really interesting topic, that of stalking. Stalkers are so dangerous but it is often not realized until way too late. That was the issue that I really liked in the book.

    Great post Des.

    • Hi Maria!

      I agree with you wholeheartly ! Stalking changes a person and personally I’m so glad the author gave some focus on the subject.

    • Hello Kat and thanks so much for dropping by! I loved it too soooo much ! Gabe is a hero that will live on in my mind for many years!

  3. Hi Desere,
    What a great lineup of books that you have reviewed. Reading a romance book, a warm blanket or no cover at all, and a cup of tea or coffee is the best thing that you can do in the wintertime, summertime, or anytime. Thanks for the inspirations to read more and leave a lot of reviews for these fine authors and so many more. Happy New Year. May it be everything that we want or wish for.

    Happy Reading,

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