A Little Enchantment with Jacquie Underdown

008Jacquie resides in sunny Brisbane with her husband and two sons. Numbers and practicality are a way of life for Jacquie as she works as an accountant by day. So it’s no wonder, for sanity’s sake, she balances this banality with words, characters and imagination in all other possible moments.

Jacquie is an author of a number of novels and writes Romance that is emotionally driven and possesses unique themes beyond the constraints of the physical universe. She strives to offer romance, but with complexity; spirituality, but without the religion. Her novels express a purpose and offer subtle messages about life, the spirit and, of course, love.

Is there anything more enchanting than the characters in romance novels? Characters who fall in love with each other. Characters we fall in love with.  They are the reason I enjoy writing romance, because these characters are with me the entire process, whispering in my ear, telling me about their histories and weaving their storylines.

For me, it all starts with the heroine. She always begins as a nebulous structure in my mind and, eventually, as I imagine what this heroine may encounter in her life, how she looks, what she dreams about, she becomes a solid person. She becomes an almost breathing force in the novel who can turn around when I’m going off track with her storyline and tell me how she would really react when she meets a man whose mouth-watering good-looks and sexual appeal steals all the breath from her throat and makes her dizzy.

The most enjoyable aspect to creating novels is dreaming up the hero.  It is a chance to bring into fictional reality the most desirable man I can possibly conceive.  The hero starts as a man whom is, of course, utterly gorgeous, but also possesses desirable traits that will be compatible with my heroine. He must be strong, compassionate, successful, and, most importantly, incapable of resisting my heroine, so he has no choice but to fall so deeply in love with her he can no longer operate in a world she doesn’t exist in.

But, not one of my characters is perfect. They each come with their overnight bag of issues that creates a sense of vulnerability, causes them to misconstrue situations, act inappropriately, and need each other. Without these imperfections, it would be hard to believe in the characters, let alone fall in love with them. And they would be, quite frankly, boring to read and write about. That’s also why I like to give my characters a fantastical trait or have them encounter conflicts that don’t always exist in reality.

When I talk about characters coming to life, I have, on more than one occasion, had some spooky coincidences occur.  Particularly a character I based on a World War I soldier. For that novel, I had to learn how to trace this digger’s family tree. I went to the internet for research. Only when I googled the name I had given to this Australian Soldier—a name that was quite obscure and which I had plucked from thin air—did I realise he actually existed and had, too, fought in the Great War. There were a number of other coincidences that were hard to ignore and made me wonder if my muse was indeed a voice from the deep. I can’t discount it.

Paler shade_FINAL (1)In my newly released novel, The Paler Shade of Autumn, you can read about how Autumn deals with her unusual ability to see into others’ minds.  And how Jet, who shares a history with Autumn longer than can be imagined, helps heal old wounds.

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A Little Enchantment with Jacquie Underdown — 8 Comments

  1. I love your post, Jacquie. Thank you so much for being our guest! As writers, we develop such a close relationship with our characters. I love it when my characters surprise me by doing and saying things I hadn’t expected, especially when they reveal their secrets. Those are the most exciting moments of storytelling for me.

  2. What a great post, Jacquie! Wow, quite the coincidence your brain came up with on that soldier’s name, eh? I love serendipitous things like that. It does make you wonder whether or not this is just our latest turn at life, doesn’t it?

    A PALER SHADE OF AUTUMN sounds wonderful. <3 Many happy sales to you!

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