It’s What They Do

Who are my favorite characters? This is a really hard question for me because I honestly don’t know if I have one or even two. There are certainly character qualities that I like such as confident, supportive, tender, humble, determined, loving which are all fairly common in the heroes and heroines we read. But there are times when I love a defiant or dominant character or even a weak character that gets stronger through the story. Or how about the quiet character with a strong core that holds everyone together? And don’t forget the arrogant bastard who is willing to take down an army or lay down his weapons for the one he loves. *swoon*

man back So I guess for me, it’s what the character does in the story that draws me to them. I want them to go all out for the person they love. I want to see them risk everything and defy the odds to get what they want. Torture them until they become the best person they can be because that’s what life is like. I read to escape and I always want a happy ending to my stories, but make the character grow during the ride and I will love them until the end.

Also like life, there is no one character type that I’m drawn to. From bad boys to aristocrats, it’s not who they are but the air about them. They can be funny or serious, snarky or quiet. As long as they are projected correctly and drop their facades for the one they love then how can you not love them?

Maybe what it comes down to is that no matter the character type, if they are willing to expose themselves for love, to take the risk and give everything, you got me. I’ll cheer for them, cry with them even get mad at them, but I’ll still love them if they can redeem themselves in the end and show me that they’re worth it.


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  1. Linda, I totally agree that it’s what a character does that makes me love him. I love to see a character grow, to overcome a problem or a fear and become who they are meant to be. And a little torture from a writer is a good thing! It makes for a great story!

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