It’s a work in progress

What am I working on? Well, I like to think of it as a hunk overhaul….

A few months back I wrote two steamy short stories prompted by different requests for submissions. When the first was finished, I realized that it didn’t truly answer the call, so I set it aside. With the second, I discovered that I had more storyline to share than the word count would allow. As I prepared to file the second away I came to the interesting conclusion that the two have a common thread—both heroes were faced with fighting forces that threaten our environment.

So in my head, and partially on paper, a series of novellas revolving around these Eco-Warriors was born.

At present, I’m reworking the first story, Going Deep. So far my recipe for love is something along these lines: Take one hunky marine biologist-turned-media-sensation, add a splash of hotshot investigative journalist, and give them a common enemy. Can hometown hero, Brian Dalton, hide his feelings for former Homecoming Queen, Brooke Hastings, long enough to hold big oil accountable for the damages to their beloved Gulf coast, or will the attraction that lingers between them take them both down?

Next up will be the expansion of Hook ‘Em—the story of Wen Wyatt, a fourth-generation Texas rancher determined to expose the environmental dangers of new oil and gas drilling methods. Environmental lobbyist, Karen Whitcomb, has been sent to the Lone Star state to find a spokesman more dedicated to the land than to the almighty dollar. Sparks fly in a hotel bar and passion that erupts between them when they realize they both want the same thing.

If these two go as well as I hope, I may be adding a third. I have a couple of ideas percolating, but nothing on paper yet. I thought I’d ask you to help me out.

So far, I’ve got a modern-day Jacques Cousteau and the upright-but-not-uptight cowboy. What kind of Eco-Warrior would you like to read?

Comment with your suggestions and I will enter you in a drawing for your choice of one digital or audiobook from my backlist!


It’s a work in progress — 8 Comments

  1. I don’t have a suggestion for a hero but I wanted to say I love this idea for a trilogy!

    In my day job I often consult to companies in extractive industries and have (unsuccessfully) tried to reconcile my mixed feelings about this collusion by first starting and abandoning a story about a hero fighting against fracking, and then another with a mine site manager heroine. Turns out it’s really hard to make moral objections to corporate practices sexy, so I salute you for succeeding as far as you have!

  2. I like both of your ideas, Maggie. Fracking is very much in the news as is damage to oceans including the Gulf coast. And I like your take on them. Not sure I can add a third. Perhaps Rebecca’s idea about mining would work, like saving a pristine lake, the source of water for a community, from mine tailings. Kind like Erin Brockovitch. Good luck with your WIP!

    • Thanks, Jana. We hear lots about it around here with the natural gas drilling on the Fayetteville Shale. I’m still kicking it around some. :)

  3. Maybe something along the lines of forest clear cutting. Trying to save some pristine limber lines. A sexy forest ranger could be nice.

    • I was actually thinking about that, Laurie. We have a lot of timber company land in Arkansas, so forestry is always a hot topic. Forest rangers are even hotter. :)

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