Inspired by…Everything!

This month’s topic is on finding inspiration. Where do I find mine?  Everywhere.  There you go. See y’all next month.

Not good enough? Okay.

First and foremost, I’m a people watcher. This means if I see you out doing something really bizarre? I’m watching, and I’m taking notes, at least mental ones.  I see people who look interesting and I try to imagine what they’re doing.  Those two cops on the corner are hot and seem to be standing pretty close…I wonder if they’re a couple?  That guy with the camera with the long lens…I wonder if he’s a private investigator and he’s tracking a cheating spouse.  The two men walking on either side of that woman pushing the baby stroller….committed threesome, right?

Other things that inspire me? Song lyrics– HOME by Phillip Phillips was the song I had on repeat for Forbidden Obsessions.  News articles.  Something I see in a store.  Pictures on Tumblr or Pinterest.  Even a piece of information I learned in a dayjob-required training class gave me the idea for a story I still plan to write.  (Nope, not telling.)

I’m inspired by quotations, like this one:


And by pervertable everyday items, like these (clothespins and rope, the staple of BDSM practitioners almost everywhere) . Of course, these are teeny tiny, much smaller than normal clothespins and rope, but that creates yet another idea, LOL!


So I wasn’t lying earlier. I find my inspiration everywhere.   Where do you find yours?





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  1. Two guys and a goodbye kiss outside the window of a restaurant where I’m eating. One gets on a motorcycle. The other gets in a truck. You can bet they’ll show up in a book someday. Oh wait, they’re in my WIP.

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