Inspiration of the Smexy Kind

LEGO figuresI just had a birthday and Lynda Ryba, friend, blogger and enthusiastic reader (@fishwithsticks on Twitter), sent me these figures as a gift. It’s a bit of an inside joke, in that they have little whips and they’re intended as “inspiration” for my Tumblr, particularly for #MasteringMonday.

See, I have this very naughty Tumblr, called Jeffe’s Closet, to reflect that they’re things I like that are not on public display. Except they are. But… well you get the point, right? Just be aware that, if you click on that link, you might see something Very Not Safe for Work (NSFW) – lingo meant to convey a warning that you want to be wary of clicking, whether it’s the IT department, seven-year-olds or your hapless Starbucks neighbor looking over your shoulder.

Lynda is a faithful follower of my Tumblr and egged me on to start the #MasteringMonday hashtag. That is, on Mondays I feature entirely BDSM-style pictures. There are others sprinkled throughout the week – after all this is me we’re talking about – but I save six special ones for Mondays and at the end of the day, people on Twitter vote for their favorite. Sometimes I do a Sunday evening aperitif and a Tuesday morning hangover, particularly if I have more than six I really like. It’s a fun thing to do.

And yes, I find the images inspiring.

They give me ideas for moods and moments, more than anything else. Going Under, book 1 in my Falling Under series, has a scene I drew directly from one of my Tumblr images. For book 2 in the series, Under His Touch, I actually sent some suit porn pics from my Tumblr with the Art Fact Sheet. I understand that the art team meeting that day was very interesting!

(I *did* warn them…)

For me, starting my Tumblr didn’t feel like extra work because I was already looking at the pictures. I became aware that I preferred certain Tumblrs over others, because I liked what that person chose. Their taste synced with mine, which made me realize I had that to offer others. On Twitter recently, a writer looking to start her own Tumblr was pointed my way and I gave her some advice. I told her that, done correctly, a Tumblr is a visual representation of your voice. If she chooses what she authentically likes, that will come through.

Thus, my Tumblr not only inspires me, it also gives viewers a sense of my voice, my ethic, what my scorching hot books are like.

Not bad for smexy pictures!



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  1. “my Tumblr not only inspires me, it also gives viewers a sense of my voice, my ethic, what my scorching hot books are like.”

    That is such an interesting concept, and such a great way to connect with readers. You’re so smart, Jeffe!

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