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As I said in my first post to the blog two weeks ago, inspiration has never been my problem. Sitting my butt in the chair and actually getting the words down on the paper has always been my downfall. If only there was a way for the whole book, edited and everything to magically leap down from my brain straight onto the page with little to no effort from me. But since they still don’t have a machine capable of this in the year 3000, at least according to Futurama, I’m not going to hold my breath.

I’ve tried lots of different methods to help me get the words on the page.

Before Twitter there was the chat & challenge chatroom at Romance Divas. But for me the chat part was a little distracting. I could easily spend most of my writing time gossiping with other writers and not getting more than a few words down on the page.

Now there’s the #1k1hr challenges on Twitter. Honestly the same draw backs apply. It’s too easy for me to procrastinate on Twitter. Plus I write too slow to get 1k on most challenges —I don’t think my attention span is that long lol. And my writer’s ego can only take posting failing word counts for so long.

I still enjoy going to my local Starbucks and writing away. I get to engage in a little bit of people watching. But I don’t know how good my regular order of a grande Soy Vanilla Bean Frapp is for my waistline. Plus I know everyone is staring at me laptop skin and wondering what perverted things I’m writing about. Kinda hard to be senorita incognita when my laptop is plastered with my sexy Carina cover. I’ve had more than one person do a double take!

Gillian Laptop Skin

My latest and most successful initiative is Write or Die. I love that you can set your own goal—it doesn’t have to be 1k in 1 hour—and that there are consequences for not maintaining pace. More often than not I hear the screaming baby or screeching violins a few times in a session (the sound comes on when there’s a pause in your typing flow and ends when you begin typing again.) I will say that it’s probably best to be aware of this feature if you’re in Starbucks with your sound turned on but listening to your iPod. I *might’ve* done this once…  I’ve never tried the kamikaze setting that deletes words when you stop typing. I’m not that big of a masochist!

My only problem is that the program needs to be open to work.

So excuse me, I need to get back to making the words—the screeching violin is starting to make my eyelid twitch.

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Insert Completed Novel Here — 14 Comments

  1. Gillian, I laughed so hard reading this post. I share your issues of having a hard time keeping butt in chair, and keeping the monkey brain from swinging from one shiny Internet tree limb to the next. I love the #1k1hr challenges on Twitter and I invested in the desktop version of Write or Die. It’s an excellent program for anyone looking for writing motivation. Using Write or Die helped me to increase my writing speed tremendously.

    Now if I could only find something to help me stay as focused when I’m editing or revising–like now, when I’m on deadline.

    BTW: Love the laptop skin! Where’d you get it made?

  2. Love that computer skin! Cool post, too. I don’t remember who it was who said they didn’t like writing books as much as they liked having written them, but I think I’m approaching that point. :-)

  3. Gee, thanks, Gillian. Now, I want a laptop with my book cover on it. Which means surfing the internet. Which means NOT writing. Ugh! I really must try Write or Die. I’m hearing good things about it.

  4. It’s amazing how much more work I get done when I close Twitter. I just signed up for JuNoWriMo and I’ve set an even higher goal for myself than the 50k of the challenge. So…I’ve gotta scoot. 😉

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