I’m Fangirling Over GoT’s Jon Snow!


Confession: I’m not that much of a TV watcher or movie buff. There’s always a good book to read or a story of my own to tell, so if my attention gets snagged on something from the entertainment world, it’s got to be out-freaking-standing.

*Cue the Game Of Thrones opening music*

I’m a latecomer to the GoT phenomenon. I had read the first book, A Song of Ice and Fire, years and years ago, and since it didn’t do much for me then I had no interest in the HBO series based on it.

Then I got sick this past April, had a new Amazon Fire TV with an Amazon Prime account to break in, and… Well, let’s just say I get it now. This obsession, at least for me, has a name.

Jon Snow.

He’s got all the attributes I love in a Hero.  First, he was born a bastard of a genuinely good man (Lord Ned Stark), and is surrounded by a large Stark family. Surrounded, but not really a part of it. He’s made to feel like an outsider looking in, and even though his father and his half-siblings love him, snide comments of not being a real Stark come Jon’s way on a daily basis. And all he can do is take it.

Oh, and did I mention Ned’s wife, Cat, loathes the sight of Jon? She’s a good woman, but in this, she’s weak. Worse, she knows she’s terrible to Jon, even going so far as to shed tears at how cruel she’s been to him, a “motherless child.” But that regret never stopped her cold and unloving treatment.

Does this mean Jon is tormented? Absolutely. And there’s nothing more delicious than a tormented hero.

And if that couldn’t get any better, there’s also a mystery surrounding Jon. He’s been told his whole life that he’s a true Stark, but what about his mother? Who the heck was she? This does seem important to the overall plot, because it comes up a couple of times every season. Jon assumes she was nothing more than a common tavern wench (no offense to tavern wenches 😉 ), but he still has questions about her, and about how such a clearly noble man like Ned Stark would break his vows to the wife he loved, and father a bastard. That seems so out of character. Sadly, Jon might never know who his mother was, because his father was executed, leaving this question dangling in Jon’s life.

Which means more torment for Jon. *shivers*

Just as soon as Jon leaves the nest, he’s tested in many life-and-death situations and proves himself to not only be a fighter and a leader, but a compassionate champion for the underdog as well. *squeeee* He defends an overweight, bumbling goofball by the name of Samwell Tarly, whom everyone bullies and writes off as useless. But with Jon keeping him alive and even befriending him, Sam proves himself to be a valuable font of knowledge thanks to his bookish ways. To have a Hero defend those who can’t defend themselves—even when doing so sets him against his peers—is enough to make my heart do gymnastics.

And lastly, he’s hot. Like, surface-of-the-sun hot. Whenever a person meets him, they comment on how “pretty” he is. If that doesn’t make a girl curl her toes, nothing will. (I’m shallow. Sue me. 😛 )

When I’m putting together a Hero, I want him to stand up and do what’s right, no matter the personal cost. I also want him to be brave, loving to his family (even if they don’t love him back), have a dark past and maybe even have a hint of mystery about him that adds to his inner torment. And yeah, he has to be hot. So, is it any wonder I’m obsessed with the likes of Jon Snow?

Oh, and did I mention he was a freaking virgin when he was first introduced to the world? A hot, noble, unclaimed, mysterious, tormented, bastard virgin determined to protect the world.



God. *fans self*


Do you watch GoT? Tell me about it so we can fangirl together! 😀




I’m Fangirling Over GoT’s Jon Snow! — 4 Comments

  1. Oh my God! That video is so sad! And Jon Snow really is hot! I have to admit I haven’t been watching GoT. But I might have to binge watch just to see Jon Snow’s story. Yowsa!

    • Ahhhhhh, Jana, it’s so good! Well, a lot of it is good. 😉 Some of it drags along, but I’m always impressed with how all the many, many, MANY threads get tied together. Or get more tangled up. Heh. Word of advice–start from the very beginning. It’s just about impossible to jump into this series midway. :)


  2. I watch GoT, but I’ll admit, I’m not a big fan. It’s just something I do with my dh. Jon Snow is the one highlight! Especially this season when we’re seeing so little of the sisters.

    • The dragging parts of the story really do draaaag, don’t they? I think it helps that I binge-watched 3 1/2 seasons over a ten day period of enforced bed rest. 😀

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