I Know What Caused My Inspiration!

If I could’ve gotten away with it, I would’ve put twenty exclamation marks at the end of my post’s title. Sooo many people ask where my inspiration comes from, and sooo many times I simply don’t know. It happens, okay? But this time, this one book, I know the answer. Therefore, I am trumpeting it to the sky. It’s a two-parter, so bear with me.

Buckingham FountainMy husband and I love to picnic – probably because we adore food and spending time together. When we lived in Chicago, we’d head to the lake shore and the beautiful grounds around Buckingham Fountain, lugging our filled-to the brim picnic basket. Filled by me, mind you. Lots of cooking and planning time expended by yours truly. And plenty of my friends quite simply said they couldn’t spare the time to do it.

That led to a germ of an idea. Everyone deserves romance in their lives. How to get it to them? As I noticed the vibrant downtown  neighborhoods open with every sort of retail day and night, I got the idea for a romance store. At the time, I was a wedding planner, and thought it would be  tCARINA_0313_9781426895173errific to have a place people could duck into to grab a picnic basket full of  treats, a card, and a heart shaped blanket to turn a ho-hum Wednesday into a  special date night. I even came up with a name for it: A Fine Romance. Fun idea, huh? I’m sure you’d shop there….

Creating the store in my book required far less start-up capital than creating it for real. When my editor put out a call for contemporary trilogies, I got excited. I had a finished book that—in theory—was the start of a trilogy. I say in theory, because I’d never written a sequel, let alone three connected books. Sure, when I wrote that first one, I planned enough secondary characters to sprinkle throughout a trilogy. But all I had was a vague plan. And, when I submitted my manuscript to her, this single, additional sentence: I plan for book two, A FINE ROMANCE, to focus on a sexy male chocolatier fighting his attraction to a romance store manager who hates chocolate. And voila – my inspiration turned into chocolate-flavored reality.

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I Know What Caused My Inspiration! — 7 Comments

  1. Those picnics you and hubby have sound so romantic, and fun! Love hearing the inspiration behindA Fine Romance, and who doesn’t want to read about a sexy chocolatier? I look forward to reading this one.

  2. Love the Aisle Bound series. Reading these books makes me homesick for Chicago. I hope to get back up there this summer!

  3. Most of the time I’m not entirely sure where my inspiration comes from either. It just shows up. Nice to be able to have something definite to point to in the case of ‘A Fine Romance’. And it’s a great story!

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