How to have a sizzlin’ hot summer

I don’t know about where you live, but summer took its precious time arriving in northern Europe. It was cloudy and overcast here in the Netherlands until mid-July. My husband and I took our infant daughter Doodle Bug to our local park in June because it looked sunny outside, but it was so cold we had to bundle her up in my husband’s hoodie. (Then we had to take 100 pictures, because seriously, is there anything as cute as this?)

Baby wrapped up in a hoodie

I thought I was going to have to wait for my trip home to San Diego in August to see any sunshine. Fortunately, a hot summer finally arrived in July. And when summer came, it was well worth the wait.

For me, the sizzle started on July 15th, when Alison Packard‘s novel The Winning Season was released. You see, five of us Carina Press contemporary romance authors have banded together to make sure your summer sizzles. From July 15th through August, we’re giving away each others’ books. Yes, friends, it’s the Sizzlin’ Summer of Contemporary Romance.

Sizzlin Summer of Contemporary Romance banner

I know that a lot of you are probably trying to avoid the heat. I have friends in Texas and California who would’ve *loved* the cloud cover that hovered over my house for far too long. What better excuse is there to stay indoors with a good book?

So whether the sizzle you’re looking for is literal, or you prefer to keep the heat confined to the pages of a book, make sure you follow us for details about how you can win our novels.

London Legends rugby club T-shirtIt’s my turn to give away the books next – during the week of August 5th – in celebration of my debut novel being published. Stop by my website on August 5th for your chance to win books, shirts, bags and more, and to find out how you can have a sizzlin’ hot rugby player of your very own!*

*Sadly, I won’t be giving away real rugby players. But you can find the hottest players in the world in my book, Knowing the Score.

Is it hot where you are? Do you love it or hate it? How are you avoiding the heat…or are you flying away in search of some sunshine?

Knowing the Score by Kat Latham

Knowing the Score coverPublication date: August 5, 2013

Book one of the London Legends

Rugby player Spencer Bailey is determined to win a spot on England’s World Cup team. But with a month break before the selectors start watching him, he’s eager to have fun with a woman who knows the score: the relationship will end when rugby season begins. The lovely American Caitlyn Sweeney seems perfect for the role of temporary lover, since her visa will run out soon anyway.

Caitlyn works for an international disaster relief organization and can handle the world’s worst crises, but she flinches from her own. Her past has left her with a fear of intimacy so deep that she has trouble getting close to anyone—until she meets sexy Spencer. His hot body and easygoing nature are too much for even her to resist.

Neither Caitlyn nor Spencer expects to fall hard for each other. But with their relationship deadline approaching, the old rules of the game seem less important than before…until past secrets surface, challenging everything they thought they knew about each other.

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How to have a sizzlin’ hot summer — 6 Comments

  1. Kat –

    Strangely enough, it’s been raining like crazy here in Georgia. We had a bit of a reprieve last week during RWA, but we’re saturated here in the southeast.

    Adorable picture of Doodle Bug! :-D.


  2. Your daughter is a cutie! We had really hot weather a 2 wks ago, in the upper 90’s. Then it went down to the 80’s & Thurs it was actually in the 60’s! 80’s & sunny is good for me. No jacket required & not dripping with sweat!

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