How Much Para Do You Like in Your Normal?

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One of the banes of my writing existence is my tendency to mix genres, even if I don’t really mean to do it.

I mean, yes, I do tend to be cavalier about rules of all types. I am not, and never have been, a good soldier. My dad was in one of the original graduating classes from the US Air Force Academy, which meant I could have attended as a legacy. My folks used to joke about that – that I’d be given an order and would say, “why?”

I never really understood the people who DON’T ask why.

I view speed limits as recommendations.

Those signs people post telling you what you should and should not do? Hates ‘em. I may have been known to deface a few. Usually with flowers.

But I do try to observe the customs of the reading/writing/publishing universe. While genre conventions mean as much to me as, say, coloring inside the lines, I know that they serve a purpose. I’m part of several group blogs and I try to keep to featuring my contemporary erotic romances on the Contemporary Romance Café blog and my fantasies and fantasy romances on the Here Be Magic blog. At Word Whores, I feel free to mix it up and just be my floozy self, flitting from whatever genre looks most attractive at the moment.

Love the one you’re with, right?

So, when Reese Ryan, our amazingly efficient coordinator, organizer and Queen of the CRC blog told me I should definitely include my new release Master of the Opera here, I was surprised. After all, I consider it to be paranormalish, what with the whole Phantom of the Opera ghosty/magical things going on.

But, Reese has a point. (She always does, I’ve found.) Master is a modern retelling of Phantom of the Opera. Thus it counts as contemporary. It’s also erotic and romantic, so it fits that way, too. In many ways, the story lets the reader decide – is the magic real? Is it more the ordinary magic that underlies our world and the presence of old gods lingering in the crevices? Or is it all a dream, a product of mental and emotional illness?

I know what I think happens in the story, but I look forward to the debates from others. Act 1: Passionate Overture releases today, so grab a copy and let me know what you think!


How Much Para Do You Like in Your Normal? — 6 Comments

  1. I was laughing the whole time I read this post. When I hit the paragraph about me, I fell out laughing. I only wish I could get my husband to arrive at the same conclusion. 😉

    I love that you mix up genres and break rules. I have a terrible time with coloring inside the lines. Sometimes that picture just needs a little somethin’ extra. That’s one of the reasons writing for a line that is pretty strict about tropes and formulas scares the crap out of me.

    Good luck with Passionate Overture. I just snagged my copy.

  2. Jeffe, it is because you mix up genres that I have learned to read both fantasy and erotic from you! Normally I was as straight contemporary and romantic suspense kind of girl. Keep up the good work! I am loving Master of the Opera. Was glad that Act 3 heats things up quite a bit! :)

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