How I Made My Book Trailer

Hi guys! Yesterday marks the one year anniversary for my edgy contemporary romance, Selling Out, between a high class call girl and a cop. I wanted to share with you something new about it, something I hadn’t talked about before… how I made the trailer!

AL_SellingOut_coverinThe first step thing I did was watch a lot of book trailers! I looked for ones in my genre and also outside of it, just to get an idea of what was effective. There is a certain flow to introducing characters, to mentioning accolades that is typical in trailers.

Here are some that I found when I did research:

The Last Girl by Kitty Thomas (Dramatic, mysterious, and most similar in tone, style and budget to mine.)

Bared To You by Sylvia Day (Big budget contemporary erotic romance. AKA my holy grail.)

Stormdancer by Jay Kristoff (Funny. No really.)

Next, I wrote the script, meaning the text that appears throughout the trailer. Here’s how it begins:

When the sun sets in Chicago

Detective Luke Cameron’s thoughts turn to the woman he can never have

Shelly is a high class escort

These are the modern star crosses lovers

Next I found videos and images to supplement those words. Images are more common for a budget-friendly trailer. They cost less to license and are easier for you (or your video professional) to insert. But videos have more impact, so I was glad I found a few to work.

So for the words “When the sun sets in Chicago”, I have a fast-motion video of dark blue clouds moving over an urban skyline. For the line introducing the hero, Detective Luke Cameron, I have a video shot of a man, shirtless on a bed, alone and brooding. For the introduction to Shelly, the high class escort, I show a pretty, blond woman in a trench coat going into a hotel room.

The others were images—mostly the book cover and images related to the cover, like this one:

Then I picked the music. I’m a huge fan of Kevin MacLoad with Incompetech. You can pay $30 to license a song for use in a book trailer. He has a large selection in many different styles and adds more occasionally. I was looking for something around 1 minute, maybe as short as 40 seconds (a very short trailer) and definitely not longer than 2 minutes (that would be really long).

Put it all together. I made my first trailer, Giving It Up, using the free software Windows Movie Maker. It’s very simple to use, especially if you show up with all the materials above. For my Selling Out trailer, I splurged on PowerDirector, which had a steeper learning curve.

And that’s it! You can view the trailer for Selling Out here:

Thanks for letting me share! If you’re interested in reading a gritty romance, you can check out Selling Out from the following places:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | All Romance

Or read reviews and an excerpt on my website.


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  1. Really a good trailer, Amber. I’m impressed! The videos make a big difference. I’ve never done a trailer because I haven’t felt I could make something that wouldn’t look amateurish. You’ve made me think something great like this is possible.

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