Hi, I’m Jodie Griffin, and I’m an Addict…

notebook4Notebooks. Pens. Highlighters. Pencil cases. Ooooh, shiny.

Hi, I’m Jodie Griffin, and I’m a school/office supply addict.

I went to Target the other day and found a whole section full of pretty, sparkly new school supplies.  The above mentioned notebooks and pens. Paper clips. Folders. Cases to hold it all in. My eyes glazed over, and my husband sighed.

You see, I love notebooks in all their shapes and sizes. I especially love the ones with graph paper in them. I love pens that glide easily, in various colors. Highlighters to mark important words. Stickies (again in various colors) to make notes that can be easily moved around. Binder clips to hold extra papers in place. *hyperventilates* I love it ALL. Mostly for my writing life, but I also use composition books for the day job. Remember those black and white marbled covers? They come in all different, fun patterns now, in case you’re wondering.

And even better than that? When all that stuff is on clearance in September! Because not only do I love office supplies, I love saving money. And YES, I know I’d save more if I didn’t buy all the shiny pretties, but where’s the fun in that?  Anyway…when the Target stuff goes 50% off or more? I’m in writer heaven.

This is the notebook I’m using at the moment:

notebook3 notebook1  notebook2

It has 3 sections. First is where I jot down notes, including pics of characters (this is Jason from Locke and Key, the novella I’m working on right now) and any one-liners I think of that I’d like to use.  Second section is future project stuff. Third is, since it’s right around the corner, my schedule and notes for RWA Conference in a few weeks.

I also recently bought three 3-packs of 60 page graph-lined, bound books recently, and I’m going to give those a try, one for each novella in this series I’m writing (it starts with Locke and Key).  I’m not sure if I’ll like them….I usually like spiral bound, so I can rip out pages, and I have a place to tuck a pen. But I like the idea of having a “keepsake” book of notes, etc, from each story I write. I wish I’d done that with my earlier books.

Anyway, that’s my addiction (along with books, of course!).  Are you an office supply fiend? Do Back-to-School supplies give you a happy feeling?  Is there one supply you can’t live without?

(Oh, and for those of you who are wondering about Jason, Locke and Key is a BDSM erotic romance novella that I hope to have submitted by the end of the August.  It includes a Dom who likes to get his own way, pixie of a submissive woman who is just as stubborn, lots of kinky play — and a little bit of a mystery.)


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  1. OMG I’m totally an office supply fiend. I have so many notebooks, pens, highlighters, index cards and sticky note pads. I love vibrant colors so my choices reflect that. I actually made myself stop buying new journals until I use the last three or four I purchased. Don’t get me started on ink pens. I rarely use the provided pen to sign my credit card slip. I’d prefer to use my own, thank you very much. 😉

  2. I love, love, love Post-It Notes and notecards. I don’t like pens so much because they don’t fit well in my hand. Hubby and I are constantly fighting over the matte cross pen we both love. We have two now but one always disappears.

    For pencils, I was spoiled in engineering school and love thin pencils with small tips. I’m using a Staedtler pencil in my office right now and love it. I care more about the feel of my pen/pencil than it’s color or gel or other specials they come out with.

    • It’s interesting that you prefer pencils, Beth. I can pretty much count on one hand the number of times I’ve used a pencil since high school. It’s all about the pens for me. I’m a bona fide pen snob. 😉

    • I need fat pens, LOL. And pencils….I still use them too! I just bought some Dr. Seuss ones. (Real grown up, I know…but DR. SEUSS.)

      Have you seen the notebooks with “stone” paper? Those feel AH-MAZING. I think they’d be perfect for pencils.

  3. I am completely besotted with office supplies!! So much so, that my family and friends all gave me notebooks for Christmas last year: thin ones, fat ones, tabbed ones, colored ones… I LOVED it! They all know I use lovely, cute notebooks to plan each of my stories. So happy to see I’m in such good company! Happy Shopping at your local Target and Staples! :-)

  4. I’m a school supply fiend, too! Today we hit up Office Max! Clearance sales & new sales…HOORAY!
    There are 2 supplies I can’t live without…post-its & sharpie pens/markers! FYI…Office Max had Sharpie Markers for a quarter today. I came home with a rainbow. :)
    Will you be at the signing at RWA in San Antonio? If so, I’ll look for you.

    • LOL, Michelle, we got those 25cent sharpies today! Plus rainbow note cards.

      And sadly, I won’t be signing but I *will* be at RWA wandering through the book signing. If you see my crazy curls, stop me and say hi!

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