Heartwarming holidays

Oh, holiday romances—I love them! Way back before indie-pubbing and  boxed sets, there weren’t all that many of them, but I’d buy all the Christmas anthologies as soon as they came out, honing in on Nora Roberts, Mary Balogh, and Carla Kelly stories and reading them again and again. I have kept many of them and still read them sometimes because the holidays are a super-sentimental time for me and my favorite stories are of the emotional variety. I have a copy of Muriel Jensen’s A Carol Christmas that is literally in pieces. (I also have a Hallmark Channel addiction and no interest in curing it—just give me something hot to drink and a blankie and leave me alone.)

Since Thanksgiving and Christmas are my favorite holidays, it seems odd that until this year, I’d never written a story with them as part of the setting. Those holidays have appeared in several of my books—most of them, probably—but they haven’t been one of the stars of the show.

Until now.

Harlequin has had a promotion going on all through November featuring free Thanksgiving stories on their website by authors from the Heartwarming imprint. Of which I am one. (That was worded rather awkwardly, wasn’t it? You’d think a writer could do better. Oh, well.) My story is Wedding at Turkey Run which I accidentally researched on a wine-and-fun-and-wine-filled writers’ retreat.Instagram&Pinterest_Calendar_A Heartwarming Thanksgiving

Twelve of us also wrote the boxed set, A Heartwarming Christmas, which reached a spot on the USA Today bestsellers list. This made me so obnoxious my husband flinched every time I walked into the room, but, honestly, it was the first time for me, and maybe the only time ever, and it was a thrill! A Heartwarming Christmas is a set of four anthologies, all connected by their setting, Christmas Town, Maine. My story is The Gingerbread Heart, in which I got to write about a mature couple–one of my favorite things–taking advantage of second chances–another of my favorite things.

AHWC_LizFlaherty AHeartwarmingChristmas (1)

As I write this–ahead of time, yay, me!–we’re packing for a family Thanksgiving in Tennessee. It will be the first time our entire family has been under one roof at the same time in longer than I care to think about. We will undoubtedly raise said roof with too much political conversation, many games at which some of us never win (sigh), and an ungodly amount of food. I can’t wait.

Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving!


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