Happiness in a jar

Another year???

I used to laugh when my parents said time was flying by too quickly. Now, I know exactly what they mean. It’s December, and I have no earthly idea what happened to 2015. It’s been a busy year, that’s for sure. Here are a few of the highlights:

Number of manuscripts completed: 4

Trips: 3 – including stays in Las Vegas, Chicago, and New York City.

Family weddings: 1

New additions: 2 great-nephews, 1 great-niece.

An awesome agent fell for my book and offered representation!

My little grandson has moved from walk to run and is starting to talk. He is yet to call me, ‘Moogie’, but he runs to me when he needs a hug, a kiss, and a sugar cookie.

Took my hubby to see his favorite band (RUSH) and saw him drop a good thirty years of adultness right in front of my eyes.

Danced the night away at the Waldorf Astoria.

Had a visit from my fabulous Canadian friend and indispensable critique partner, Julie Doner!

There was a fabulous weekend in Hot Springs with my fellow Diamond State Romance authors.

Signed contracts for six (6!) books to be released in 2016-2017!

Of course, there have been the not-so-great things as well. My mom’s health continues to be iffy. So does my day job. We lost 2 of our furry family members to old age and good living this year, including my beloved bunny. The grief is deep and real.

We’ve spent a lot of time dealing with/fretting about all the usual things—work, money, health issues, kids, parents, pets…Our roof leaks. The dryer makes a strange noise, but only at random times. Those contracts come with deadlines, and the words don’t always flow.

Sometimes, it can be hard to remember that the good usually outweighs the bad. That’s why I keep a happiness jar.


This is my second year doing this, and I highly recommend it. Whenever something good happens—big, small, or downright silly, I try to remember to write it on sticky note and place it in the jar. At the end of the year, I’ll sort through them and be able to relive the good times all over again.

So do yourself a favor – buy some pretty post-its, find a jar, and start marking the high points. You won’t regret it!

Here’s hoping your new year is all-around spectacular!


Happiness in a jar — 15 Comments

    • Thanks, Liz. I saw it on FB a couple years ago and started doing my own last year. It really makes you appreciate things – big and small!

  1. It’s amazing how the happiness jar can bring oodles and oodles of happiness. This is my third year doing it, and I think it’s the fullest it’s ever been. :) You’ve definitely had quite the year, Mags. I truly look forward to 2016 and all the books you have in store for us! Have a wonderful holiday, my friend! xo

  2. will be my first year doing Happiness in a Jar. I haven’t opened it yet. Hoping I can add some more happiness until 2016.
    Like you said it’s good to be reminded of all the good stuff.

  3. You’ve had a busy and full year. When you open your happiness jar I hope it brings smiles to your face all over again. May 2016 bring you much joy.

    • It’s been a good one – better because I get to share the good times with my friends. Thanks and here’s to your new adventure in the new year!

    • You won’t regret it! Sometimes I get a little behind, but sitting down and trying to remember the good stuff that happened in the last few weeks is a good way to snap out of a down mood. Thanks for the hugs and high fives – and back atcha, my friend!

  4. Maggie, what a year you’ve had! There are always problems, but hopefully the good will outweigh the bad. I love your idea of a happiness jar. I tend to dwell on the negative a little too much, so something like this will make me remember all the blessings in my life. Thanks so much for the idea and the uplifting post!

    • Oh, I can dwell and fret with the best of them, Jana. That’s why doing this has been so good for me. I highly recommend it!

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