Got any dynamite I can borrow?

I saw someone post this on Facebook the other day and did the whole, “Yes! That! There!”


I’m in the middle of writing book three in my Coastal Heat series. The first book, GOING DEEP, came rolling out fairly smoothly. I had no deadline nor was I committed to a publisher, so it took as long as it took and that was that.


It took a while to smooth the way for additional books in the series, so I ended up writing book two, FLIP THIS LOVE, under a tight deadline. Like less than 60 days from Chapter One to The End and into my editor’s hands. Thankfully, it just came flowing out like a river. Now I’m working on book three, LOVE AND ROCKETS, and I think I might need to lay in a stash of TNT to get this one out.

I know just where the story is going. I know my characters inside-out. I hear them in my head all the time. I’m just having a hard time capturing them and getting them on the page.

So, put in some ear plugs, hunker down behind those sandbags, and hang on tight, I’m going to be blasting this book out in the next few weeks!


Got any dynamite I can borrow? — 6 Comments

    • It IS possible, Samantha, but I think it’s more that I know the story too well rather than the characters. I’m writing this book according to a fairly detailed synopsis given in the proposal, so it’s well plotted. I’m naturally a pantser, so I think I may be having a little issue with the lack of surprises. I may need to set the outline aside, let them take me for the ride, then come back after it on revision.

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