Good problems

I admit this will probably be a pretty hurried post today. You see, in additional to the usual pain the butt problems that pop up in life, I’m suffering from a rash of good problems.

What do I mean good problems?

Well, the company I work for is having a fantastic year so far. Record breaking sales. Awesome new developments. Exciting opportunities. How can super sales and new customers a problem? Well, it’s not really unless you’re the one in charge of purchasing and inventory control. I can’t get product in fast enough. That means I’m spending day after day buried under spreadsheets.

I’ve also got a lot going with the writing gig. Two manuscripts out on submission, two proposals to write, a backlist title I’m revamping to indie pub, and another in the work in progress.

And if that wasn’t enough to keep me hopping, I’m running a contest for one of my RWA chapters, and on the board of the other. Oh, Fodder and I bought an elliptical trainer, too. We’re trying to get back into better shape. I’m using Netflix episodes of The Gilmore Girls as my motivation. I might have accidentally signed up for Camp NaNoWriMo. And a 30-Day yoga challenge. Oh God, I need an intervention.


So, yeah, I’m a busy girl this month. But I’m not complaining. Trust me. These are such good problems to have and I am grateful for every bit of it. And just the teensiest bit tired. I apologize for the lame-ish post and ask you this: What are some of the good problems happening in your life these days?


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  1. My good problems are editing a novella for one publisher while writing a series aimed for another (I hope). I’m also taking some online classes on copywriting with the aim of beginning my own copywriting (writing ad copy) business. And I signed up with a new gym in March (I sense a fitness theme here). It’s all good stuff, but like you said, Maggie, busy!

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