Going the Distance

I’m a firm believer in true to life romance, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a good ‘heartless gazillionaire falling for his overworked assistant’ story. After all, that could totally happen. I’m sure it does. As a matter of fact, I think all the best romances are a mixture of the marvelous and the mundane.

Real life is boring. We slip into routines that turn into ruts. We wish the hours away watching clocks and counting down days to vacation. I’m willing to bet most of us spend at least one weekend night catching up on the laundry and abusing Netflix.

But every once in a while something happens that bounces even the most ho-hum life right off its tracks. Granted, these occupancies are not always happy, but for the sake of today’s post let’s confine our discussion of life’s ninja skills to the areas of love and romance.

Love knocked me on my keister back in the fall of 1999.

That was the year my business card was pulled from a hat and I was awarded a trip to a week-long business conference. Yippee. Skippee.

Suitcase packed, I boarded a plane in Chicago and took off for Washington, D.C. Meanwhile, over six hundred miles away, a dark-eyed man from Little Rock, Arkansas took off in the same direction.

Our gazes met across a stuffy conference room in rural Virginia….

Throughout the week-long conference we flirted madly….

There may have been adult beverages consumed….

A hotly contested game of Pictionary ensued….

Some attendees claim they spotted a couple kissing on the roof….

(Wait. What? You thought Pictionary was code for kissing? No, it’s charades with paper. Kissing is kissing. Sheesh. Read more steamy books!)

And when I came up for air, I think I said, “Oh, sh*t.”

True story.

I knew I’d met THE ONE, but I wasn’t exactly ecstatic about it. Falling hard and fast for a stranger who lived seven hundred miles away was not part of the plan. It was supposed to be a harmless flirtation. Some laughs, a few stolen kisses, and a little excitement to break up the seminar-induced monotony.

But he was so sweet. How could I resist those big, bittersweet chocolate eyes? And the drawl! Not the twangy, annoying kind, but the soft, slow slurring of syllables that was just enough to make a northern girl melt into a puddle of goo….

Resistance was futile.

Through twelve years of marriage he has given me plenty of “Oh Sh*t” moments. Both good and bad. But I can tell you this rut we’re riding together has never been boring.

Last year I released a collection of short stories that follow a couple trying to navigate an unexpected and inconvenient romance. Long Distance Love is the story of feisty, independent Ellie Nichols and Jack Rudolph, the hunky FBI guy she happened to meet while stuck in an airport. It was great fun to revisit the heady, intoxicating emotions of falling in love all over again, but even better to set those two crazy kids on the path of carving out a rut of their very own.


Now it’s your turn. Has romance rocked your world? It can be the time you fell hard and fast for a jar of Nutella or the moment you knew the nut job you married was the one for you. Either works. Ready? Go!


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  1. I could read your real-life love story a thousand times and never get tired of it. As for my own personal love story, I think you know who my Mr. Wonderful is. He’s a little nutty, he always butters me up with compliments, he’s smooth when he needs to be, and he knows how to get results when it comes to crunch time (and lunch time). 😀

    • Fabulous! I did my minor in Sociology. My dad used to get to peeved when he’d see my course load – Courtship and Marriage, Human Sexuality, etc. :)

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