Gillian’s Literary Nursery

Okay so the title makes it sound more hoity-toity than it really is 😉 If you don’t follow me on Twitter then you probably don’t know that I’m pregnant with my first baby. *Squee!* Who’s due to arrive in just a few weeks’ time *gulp*

Peanut was shy by not giving up the goods—it took THREE ultrasounds to determine we’re having a GIRL! Once we finally found out our baby’s gender, I was all about planning the nursery. I’d already decided if we were having a girl, I wanted to do a Disney-esque Alice in Wonderland theme. That story has always spoken to me—something about the insanity of this journey of life maybe, plus it allows for some truly nutty color/pattern combinations. And I love whimsy!

I immediately started Googling for similar nursery themes for ideas and started my own inspiration board.

Wonderland Inspiration Board

I saw the table lamp in the above picture and had to have one. But everywhere I looked they were around a hundred dollars. My husband, MrG, thought that was a ridiculous amount to spend on a lamp that we could make ourselves. So with some more Googling, I found some advice on how to assemble one and we bought some teacups and teapots at Marshall’s and other parts at Home  Depot and MrG went to town with his tools. I think it turned out pretty awesome!

teapot lamp

My amazing mom offered to paint some murals as my parents’ gift to us. She’s a pretty awesome artist and has done murals at elementary schools all over the Vegas valley. So after pouring over tons of Alice in Wonderland books and internet images, my mom came up and painted the whole nursery in just a week.

Nursery Mural 7 Nursery Mural 8Nursery Mural 1Nursery Mural 3Nursery Mural 9

I think it’s pretty obvious that this is gonna be one spoiled little girl!


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  1. SO CUTE. And I love the lamp…what a great idea! Love that our posts for this month were so similar…just different stages of life. I’m so excited for you — what a fun time you and Mr. G have ahead of you!

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