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Like many authors, I’m a rabid fangirl. I think I’d pass out if I ever met La Nora in person 😉 But since I started writing, I’ve noticed my reading habits have changed. Whenever I’m actively writing a new story aka not in editing mode, I don’t read within that subgenre. I say subgenre because I pretty much only exclusively read romance.

So when I was working on Up In Knots, a BDSM erotic romance, I didn’t read any BDSM stories while writing it. To be honest I’m not 100% sure where this little idiosyncrasy came from. A young writer’s concern about unconsciously copying storylines? Whatever the reason, several years later I’m still doing it.

Right now I’m writing an anti-hero story which means no biker/MMA/bad ass heroes for me. So what am I reading?

HistoricalTLT Cover

I just finished reading Training Lady Townsend by Annabel Josef. This is a super-hot story about an arranged marriage and the interesting lengths the groom will go once his outlet of loose women is curtailed. Hint: this is book one of the Properly Spanked series.


Last week I read To Defy A Sheikh by Maisey Yates. I TDS Coverdon’t think I’ve ever read a category like this one. In the first chapter the heroine attempts to assassinate the hero!?! How can a conflict like that get resolved in less than 60,000 words? It’s amazing but Masiey Yates does it.


RTB CoverWhat am I looking forward to next? My Kindle just magically downloaded Romancing the Billionaire by Jessica Clare. This is book 5 of her Billionaire Boys Club and if it’s anything like the other four of her series, I’m gonna glom this sucker like mad. I can’t wait!


Do you have any crazy reading while writing rules? If not, what are you reading/glomming onto right now?

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