Getting Lost

I’m not going to lie…this month’s topic was a toughie for me. Write about the authors I admire? There are so. many. How could I possibly narrow it down to a respectable blog length? There are the authors whose books I can slip into like my favorite pair of pajamas. There are the authors I know will give me unique and interesting plots, no matter if it’s their first book or their fifteenth. There are authors who make me want to be a better writer.

And after *mumbles behind hand* years of reading, I’ve racked up quite a list of go-to authors. Of ones I know will never disappoint. Of ones whose ability in the written word still baffles me.

But rather than list all those, I’m going to cheat a little and instead tell you why they get on that (never-ending) list in the first place.

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Let me paint this picture for you: You’re curled up on the couch, still wearing your yoga pants and oversized sweatshirt you threw on that morning. You haven’t showered. You look like death warmed over. Toys are strewn about, a laundry basket sits with clean clothes spilling out waiting to be folded, kids screaming at each other. You fed everyone cereal for dinner (again) and there you sit…engrossed in a book.

I know I’m not alone in that. (I’m not, right?) And I crave finding books that trap me and hold me captive like that. Any author who can do that to me is an author I admire.

An author who can make me lose complete track of my life, of my day, of time entirely.

An author who can make me simultaneously want to write immediately and never want to write another word again because theirs are so beautiful.

I’ve spent many a day reading until 3 a.m., falling in love with characters and words and turns of phrase. Sometimes I finish a book and flip right back to page one and start all over. The kind of authors who produce books I never want to finish are the kind of authors I admire. The ones that make me want to swim around in their words day after day after day.

And if they can do all that while being a rockstar on twitter, well… All the better.


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  1. Yes, I’ve done that. Stayed up way too late reading because I can’t put the book down, and still had to get up early to go to work the next day. I both love and hate authors for doing that to me! But I hope one day people will be kept up all night by my books too.

  2. “An author who can make me simultaneously want to write immediately and never want to write another word again”

    This. Exactly. There are so many authors that I’m amazed by and humbled by. So many who make me wanna be a better author. Great post, Brighton.

  3. The books you speak of are the ones where you don’t even notice how many pages are left in a book (when you read it digitally) because it is so good and before you know it, the story is over. Then you hope the author turns it into a series.

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